Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Merry Christmas! Documenting Movie Night in my December Daily

 Merry Christmas friends and a happy New Year to you! 

I hope this new year brings you love and light! Today I am sharing some pages out of my December daily.  I took images off my camera roll.  In fact these are filtered photos from IG. I think the speckles of fake snow where fine enough to document. I used a new Christmas Movie Kit from Nelly and Clem to document it. Pink hot chocolate and the Grinch was our choice for today. I loved every bit of it. I adore spending time with my sweet granddaughter. She pretty much completes me :)

You can find these digitals here: buymeacoffee.com/nellyandclem

Happy Holidays!

Jossie Posie 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Ho Ho Smores!

 Hey friends I am here to share more of my December Daily with you. I am so thankful to our fearless leader Ali Edwards and the awesome products/classes she brings to us every year. This story is about making Christmas tree shaped brownies! The fun is being inspired by @Nellyandclem's digital kit Jingle it  along with some pieces from her Holly Jolly kit! I created a mini pocket folder to add into my daily page. I love to pint photos so this pocket was perfect! 

Thanks for stopping by! What stories are you loving to tell this December!? 


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

December Daily 2021 Let's Document!

Hey crafty snow babes! 

It's almost Christmas time! I purchased an album from the DD queen herself 
Ali Edwards and got lucky to work with Nelly and Clem digitals. I enlarged the digitals 
to have more space to write my sweet story of my mama. I also covered the inside
with the digitals to bring in more pink. 

I also decorated the spine of my album. I laminated the ephemera to give it a pop. I really love the 
way it turned out. I usually add yarn but this time I decided less is more.  

Here is the front of my album. I am super excited the way it turned out and that's exactly 
what I want this month to bring.  

The last digital I used was this super cute Christmas list. I added my text and printed it out. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! What are you using this year to document your December!? 

I wish you and your family lots of love this holiday season!

Jossie Posie 


Monday, November 15, 2021

Jingle It Christmas Kit Mini Book!


Friends! HO HO HO! Guess what it's that time of the year again! I had the best time fussy cutting these printable by @nellyandclem you can find her Jingle It Christmas Kit here. 

I decided it was the perfect opportunity to document my love for my Christmas Mug Collection! So I decided I would create a vellum book cover and add my tag flip inside to switch things up a bit. I combined my two loves of mini nooks and tag flips! 

I thank you so much for stopping by today! What projects are you working on!?
I have got a list going on! 

I have got my OCT. Daily then my new Thankful 30 and now DD prep!
It's holiday mix that I am doing at least for now!!

Peace, Love, and pretty paper always! 
Jossie Posie 

Friday, October 29, 2021


 Hi friends! Slowly documenting my October daily! I used Nelly and Clems Spooky Halloween Kit & Spa Kit! I had so much fun setting up this page! I’m wondering why I didn’t use bath bombs earlier! I really loved printing on vellum and making pockets. 

Thanks for stopping by! How's your October Daily going!? 

your friend, 
Jossie Posie 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Ghostie Vellum Tag Shaker!

Hi Friends! Today I am sharing a cute tag flip I made documenting the time I met and interviewed Nelly! It was awesome because shortly before having her on the air I applied for her design team and made it! No one has ever taken a chance on me and she did! So you can see I was way to excited to meet her plus I love everything she designs! Let start with these cute shaker tags out of vellum I made! I was totally inspired by my friend Allison who is @Cali_crafting on IG. These images can all be found at Nelly and Clem shop!

Thanks for stopping by! Catch you on th e next project! Hmm what should I make!!? I just adore all her Halloween images!

Jossie Posie 


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Pumpkin Cold Brew Coffee Mini Flip!

 Hey Ghouls! Today I am sharing a flip I made using Nelly and Clem's Spooky Halloween Kit! 

You can find it here: 


I loved printing this whole kit out and just finding different ways to document the spooky season 

that waits for all of us! Thank you for stopping by!  Are you a fan of the pumpkin cold brew coffee??

Till next time friends!

Jossie Posie 

Here is a reel off IG in motion: 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

October Daily Mini Movie Book: Nelly and Clem

Hi Ghouls! Happy October Daily craftin! I am back with a new project I made it with the new Halloween Kit from Nelly and Clem!

I decided to document movies I love to watch during the season. Let's check out!

I love Halloween so much and all the magic it brings! You can find Nelly and Clem here on her etsy: 

Please before you go let me know what are your favorites!? 

Jossie Posie 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Nelly and Clem Design Team Project: Halloween Tag Flip!

Guys - I made it! I made it on a design team! HAHAHHA  Yeah I know a gazillion years later! 

 Nelly is pretty awesome and designs digital kits. You can find her here: 

@nellyandclem or her etsy shop . I promise you love this new Halloween Kit that just released!

 So I decided hey why not get back on here and share my projects with you!!

The kit I used was last years  kit called Fall + Halloween  - Autumn Leaves.  So I printed the kit and here's what I came up with!

I appreciate you reading my good ol blog post! I missed you friends! Let's keep in touch! Like Joey's says "How you doing!?"


Friday, March 12, 2021

Amy Tangerine's Brave and Bold Watercolor Set!

 My sweet crafty friends! WOW long time no blog!! I am back and wanted to say hello! I don't think I have posted in a good year! For many people COVID gave people time to be still and enjoy time at home. For others like me it meant the volume was turned up  and the electronic world was magnified. It's been a crazy year of complete insanity. I am working from home and the stress of working from home literally consumes me! I have been creating but at a much slower pace. If this is you please know I feel your pain! lol Welcome to the world as we are starting to see things open in America! Yay! 

Now that I got that off my chest. Lets look at this gorgeous set!  I honestly love pink but you already knew that! No I was going to say I love this set! The colors are so vibrant! It's def worth the money! It makes me want to paint and create! My soul needs that! I purchased this set at Scrapbook.com for under $30. 


Loved swatching this and finding out what each of the dark colors turned out to be! It was like a happy surprise on my paper!

Thanks for reading my review! 

I also share a review video here on my youtube....

Have an awesome day! 
Peace, Love and Pretty Paper!

Jossie Posie