Monday, October 29, 2018

October Daily Update! I am a Paislee Press Guest Designer this month!

Ok friends how are we doing!? Me --- uhhh lets just say I am steady gathering my pictures! I was hoping I would have had more opportunity to blog, YouTube and post on IG but it just has not happened. Ya see theirs a little thing called life that just happens to get in the way. So even though I am not caught up I did manage to complete these assignments for the good people over at Paislee
October has been very very busy I made it out to my daughter's college which is almost three hours away twice. I think we both are trying to figure out this whole college life.

Let me stop blabbing!

Let's get on with my DT projects....

This here is going into my october daily and I love the little bits of stitching by hand.
The digitals are all by Paislee Press Fall magic elements.  

This next spread is form the Yearbook Elements. It was hard not to turn this into a halloween type of thing since this is also going in mt OD. 

There you have it ghouls! Ill be back with some good ol October Daily recap soon!!

Let me know you doing oct daily? You making any special Halloween treats!? How's the month treating you!
I have not had a pumpkin frap! Say Wha!!!?

Your friend til the end...
Jossie Posie 

Monday, October 1, 2018

We all screamed Crafty October Daily!

Hey guys! It's OCTOBERRRRR!

I am so so excited! I def am not prepared even though I set up my craft desk lol
Today I am coming at you with a crafty October daily challenge! 
Florence  @livelifeandcreate and I teamed up to create this challenge.
What is this challenge you ask???

It's for crafty peeps who are not doing October Daily but still want to join in on the fun of October! I am doing both because well I'm cray.

So I will be documenting my October prompts in a TN because it's small enough that I can take to work and easy to carry in my purse.
I might even a add a page or two in my planner.

Here are the prompts. You can doodle, cut and paste really anything you'd like!

Happy October Crafty Peeps!!!

Jossie Posie