Thursday, August 30, 2018

Silhouette Giveaway!

Ok - who doesnt love a good GIVEAWAY!?? The good folkse over at Silhouette America are giving away a new cameo! My cameo is like 4 years old okuuurrr!? So uh hellooo pick me!

So my heart always tells me to share becasue even if you win that would make my heart happy! 

Now I have gotten good use of my cameo but would love to win a new one! If I win I would def give my niece my old cameo. She is a crafter at heart!  
Please click on this link and give it a shot! Click here!

Not only are they giving this machine away they are throwning everything in the picture too!

Trust me this company is awesome! My friend Linda won a cameo! They truly make dreams come true!

Peace love and pretty paper!!


Friday, August 17, 2018

Quiz! Which Hocus Pocus Charcter Are You!? Come Play!

Ok - yeah Disney caught my attention on this! I'm starting to get Halloween fever!!

Take Quiz Here: Which Hocus Pocus Character Are You!?

So I took the quiz and I'm Alison! 


Thought I'd share some good fun here! Let me know who you turn out to be!?

Happy Friday GHOULS!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

DIY Disneyland Autograph Books!

 Hey friends! Howdy!

Today I am coming at you with some DIY autograph books. My niece asked me to make my other two nieces some books and to be honest I didnt want to punch holes and make minis. So I was on the hunt for some sort of notebook. BAM! Good ol Target came through! Disney had a line at Target and you can still find these there. I bought three and decided it I would call it a day!

Here is my vision that came to life!

I turned on my cameo and started cutting away!

I cut the lickey heads and minni bows too for the inside cover.  

From there I just cut up a Disney Say Cheese page from Echo Park and glued them randonmly in the notebooks.  

Did some stamping 

Added stickers from my stash 

Used supplies I would never use! Yay!

My inside cover....

The end page. 

and that's it folks! Simple very very simple and I love it! 
The mommies loved it too! 

I am positive you can do this with any notebook you find! 

Here is my YouTube  Vid! 


First Day of School Layout!

Ok let me just start out by saying I never do this ... I took the photo, went home printed the photo then put it on a layout! Crazy right!?

Actually one more first for me---- I used my home printer!! I always print at Walgreens because i print photos in batches when they have a sale.

It's hit or miss with their quality but I do it for convienence because like they saying goes "aint no- body got time fo that!"

Here we go...

My boy.
I take the same photos of him every year.... walkin to school and we usually are late because I walk slow lol 

It's dark  I know but this is in my upstairs hallway and I was just so proud of myself for printing lol 
There you go---- my Canon and guess what I LOOOVED the quality! Why am I not printing at home!?    

Thanks for stopping by on this super short post but I am hoping to be more creative and post more! Long live BLOOOOOGS!!!

Thickers by Cool Kid- Crate Paper
Plaid paper -  Carta Bella