Monday, June 25, 2018

Grand Opening Hello Kitty Cafe San Jose, California!

Ok so I am a major fan of Hello Kitty - I mean MAJOR! Major like I will make my family stop off on vacation to see any HK site! So if you are in the Bay the Hello Kitty Cafe just opened up here in San Jose, California at Santana Row! 

I ventured there this last friday after work to find it! Let's go....

Ok so I was so ready - I even wore my HK bow headband and my HK shoes! 

When I got there.... a line was wrapped around the building!  

They only allow about 6 people in at a time so that was the cause of this line. 

Let me just share some more hello kitty adventures incase you would like to venture out.... 

 First stop - check the HK cafe instagram as this HK van travels to all shopping malls.... here I am doing a old very old cheer jump hahaha thats how excited I was :)

This was my loot after spending $135 you see my grandbaby needed a hello kitty head band too!
Oh before I forget let me just say all the cookies and pastries were FRESH!

Hello Kity Cafe, Irvine California 
The mother of allllllllll Hello Kitty Cafe's... look 

Girls everythang was HK! So yeah a lil pricey too! I think 30 got us two drinks and a pastry! But just look at that BOW on that mac!

Yeah heres our lemonades and I died over the pink straws. 

After's Icecream, Irvine California 

This ice cream shop did a colab with Hello Kitty and it was so yummy! It was def worth the drive as this time we on our way to Disneyland.  

Last stop: Sanrio Store Sacramento CA. 

On this adventure my BFF told me that Hello Kitty herself was going to show up at the Sanrio Store. She didnt have to tell me twice! We drove the hour way and snapped theese pictures with her.  

I even had a pink bow ready! See this infatuation  with this kitty goes way from being a tiny little girl!

Love me some Hello Kitty! 
Who's your fav!? Rainbow bright? My second would have to be Starwberry Shortcake!!

Jossie Posie

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Let's Party! Paperless Post Online Invites!

I had the pleasure of trying out Paperless Post to make my daughter's graduation invitations. Paperless Post is an online invitation, card and flyer company. They offer so many pre-made templates. It was really simple to do! I started out with taking photos of the girls at their separate graduations then had them pose together with this invite in mind.  My oldest daughter just graduated from the University and my younger daughter graduated from High School. I blurred out the location to protect my kids privacy but I assure you that the invite was lovely!
I was able to email my guests and call it a day! Everything was done online! See below as I attached a video of the online invitation. I wanted to give you an idea of how this invite pops out of the envelope!

My two graduates plus my older daughter's baby. Technically she also graduated from the  Universities onsite daycare facility.  

Click on the arrow below and watch this invite come to life!

The cakes were from Whole Foods  and were super delicious!

This is my family. We will miss Bella as she now leaves us to the university. 

We ended the party with some color fun! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Jossie Posie 

*These are my true feelings on my review of invites through Paperless Post go check them out! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Scrapbook Layout with Stitching!

Ok let me start off by saying I love love love layouts with so much detail BUT..... that is not my style. I wanted to try it so LAST summer I cut out this unicorn outline to try some stitching. Ok it took me forever! All joking aside I loved the way it turned out. Now if you know me I always have way too many ideas running in my mind at once. So yeah pretty much I stitched and let it sit. Out of sight out of mind type of thing. 
So fast forward to this summer it was my G-babies birthday and I wrapped her Peppa Pig bike in this cute glittery unicorn wrapping paper. This is how it came out!

See my stitching :) hee hee I should give it a go again this year or better yet bust out my sewing machine!! (that's another post) 

I used Martha Stewart washi, cute girl embellishments by Crate Paper and threw in some old Dear Lizzy i had laying around.  

The pictures were printed with my instax share and the doilie is also from Martha Stewart. 

It felt so good to actually make a layout plus knowing that this stitched unicorn was going to get a home really made me happy.   

If you are new to scrapbooking or interested in making a YouTube channel please come watch my process on making this layout. 

Click on the below photo to begin!

Thanks for coming by!