Monday, February 26, 2018

February - One Little Word 2018

Woo hoo---- February and #OLW! Month two and I am here for it!!I am so excited to share my update on my progress! This months prompt was to create a vision board. It was so fun I created TWO!

Let's do this y'all!

I somehow changed Ali Edwards font from black to pink for February.
You know just to change things up! These are free markers she gave us in the online class. 

Here I printed on vellum and i'm slightly addicted to printing on vellum - it's just really cool. 

My first vision board- I chose to just cut out words that were calling me.  I also loved the colors of the yarn against the wood bowl.  

My second vision board I went with some things I am loving right now. 
My fav color is pink and I basically am still in love with February. 
Grateful everyday for this little blog where I get to come show my craft. 

Thanks for stopping by!  

I leave you with a little video of my #olw album so far.

Jossie Posie 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Galentine's Day!!

Happy Galentine's  Day friends! I hope today is treating you right! It's a day for celebrating friendships! Every year I hold a Valentine's craft party for my sisters and nieces. I have 8 older sisters and about 15 nieces. It started off as I had no crafty friends so I would entice my sisters to come craft with me one day out of the year. I had to really pull their teeth just to get them to come over. No one wanted to make cards or anything crafty.... now about 5 years later they text me like hey what craft our we doing this year! Our party has gotten so big as new nieces are born and my daughters include their friends so yeah it ends up being one big mess but of so fun! lol

Since we had more littles this year we decided to keep it simple with cookie decorating --- let's go!

So this picture here was mu inspiration - I found it on pinterest. I thought they were easy for the littles to decorate the hearts and us big girls could do the mini envelopes.

I baked the night before. I know nothing like last minute! 

Each of us bought different frosting types and colors.

You can't have a party with out donuts and my sisters love my local donut shop. 

My sweet niece Shawna. Still can't believe I have watched her grow up and now she assists me! 

I gathered some crafts so everyone could decorate  their bags and fill them with cookies for their loves. 

Here is our our new niece Lily and my oldest sister teaching her how to put sprinkles on her cookie. 

My niece Thalia who ate then decorated several cookies :) I think she liked my baking! 

My sweet sister Judy who always  make sure salad is part of out sweets at every Valentine Party!

Here I am with my grand-baby who I adore. I let her put as much frosting on everything because after all it was a party!!

My awesome sister Alma who is like a mom to me and my niece who is like my sister.

Here is a decorated bag. They all loved stamping as I tried to not have mini heart attacks with my ink pads lol 

Crafts, heart pizza and salad before we made a huge crafty mess! 

My backdrop I created was very simple to do: 

Balloons, masking tape and wa- la! 

We even decorated brownies and cupcakes too!

Oh and you know I made all the kids pose by this backdrop of mine! 

Not sure if this movie will play.... but here is the breakdown of the backdrop!

Thanks for staying with me if you made it this far! I have got to think of something out this world next year for these girls! 

Happy Galentines--- don't forget all you need is two people for a party! 

Jossie Posie 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Harry Potter Pa- Party!

Hey Crafty Friends! Today I am sharing a party my crafty girls and I had a few months ago. 
The theme was Harry Potter and I must say it was so much fun! We each make and bring all this stuff you see here. 
I used my handy dandy cricut to cut out the lightening bolt for the balloons.

I made us girls these shirts with my heat press. 

I took the template for "have you seen this wizard" online and just added our picture to it.

Here is the ugliest cake I have ever made! It was sooo good too! I'm actually really proud of it! hee hee

Liz made these green chocolate frogs!

She thought of everything!

Our backdrop! These two girls are my favorite! I am sure lucky to have them! 

Every time we get together we start stamping and crafting! Here I tested out inks!
I stamped the stamp on my bags and made that HP paperclip to give to my friends. 

Here is the loot we each made each other. To be honest with you readers again- I am continually blown away at how awesome these girls are! They are so giving and  way too damn creative! 

The butter beer- yum! Thank you Linda!

Being silly and video taping our sweets table.  This is always the fun part!

see my gash!

hard at work on our backdrop!

Linda my sweet friend bless her and all these envelopes she made! She printed them and attached a wax HP seal to each one of envelopes!

Wow Right!? 

The fun part! Being crazy silly!Can you believe I am a grandma!? :)


I am am clueless as to why I don't have a picture of Linda with this sign.... I probably should not wait months to post after our gatherings!

and..... here WE are my very crafty best friends. This thing called paper crafts brought us together and I am so thankful for these girls! 

Until next time crafty babes!
Jossie Posie