Friday, December 28, 2018

New Year New Me!

Ok this is funny- ready? As I was reading the blogs I follow (that's not the funny part) I know who reads blogs these days!? ME!

Or I try to anyway. Call me old school or let's just say I cant keep still long enough to read a book!

So I am catching up on my people (the blogs I follow) and it's a great morning.

I see Kellie's blog! I am always intrigued at her Friday Freebies post. I mean come on who doesn't like free!?

So I open it up and here's the funny part:

I'm like I love that! That is so me! I am def going to print it out and place it in my journal and planner! So here I am sharing it with you!  You can find her Friday-freebie here

So yeah I am so ready to make some changes for the better.  Happy Friday!
I am hoping to sit at my desk and finish my December Daily!

I have also got a new video up on my crafty Christmas presents if you are interested in watching! Come on over! I am excited to dig in to all of them!


Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Power of Positive Thinking!

Hey Guys! I have got some good news to share! I have manifested this pink cameo into my life! Ha!

I have been dreaming of this new machine by Theresa Collins exclusively sold at Micheals.
So a few posts back I made a wish list of the items I wanted for Christmas. I used the magic of the
The Secret Book. If you have never read this I swear by it! It's the power of positive thinking and manifesting what your heart desires!   I just pictured myself using this machine, I pictured myself cutting on it in my craftroom and wowsa it's here! It's all mine! My son gave me 200 dollars in a gift card for Micheals so that I could purchase this machine. He knew my machine was on the brink of not working. My brother in law gave me a 75 gift card  and my sister in law gave me 50 all in Micheals money for Christmas. I knew exactly what I was buying once I put my gift cards together. The machine is currently on sale for 229.00 and the regular price is 279.00. I brought this baby right home and it became a couch for these little baby dolls. I will open her up tonight!

I also wanted to share some more exciting news! Year after year I would apply for design teams and I would get turned down! It was sad. Like I truly would be left feeling like my work was not good ENOUGH!? I would tell my friends please slap me if I say I am applying for another DT! I would get picked to be guest designers but never made a team. Well the good ol universe heard me! 

I got offered to work with The Wandering Planners! Here is my schedule for 2019! I will be visiting these States and being able to share my love of planning with so many planner girls! I am so excited and feel so blessed to have been chosen! 

Our first show for 2019 is in Texas! I can't wait! Actually I really can't believe it's true! This is so much more than what I have ever asked for!

This was the first show I attended last summer in Arizona. I had a blast! Lots of hard work but so worth it! I got to meet Richard Garay and his beautiful wife Gabby!

Here is a little interesting fact I read today and wanted to share with you:

A study conducted at Dominican University in California showed that people who wrote down their goals had 33% more success in achieving them than those who just thought about their goals.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!
Jossie Posie

Monday, December 10, 2018

Goals........ 2019 here we come!

So we are coming up on 2019 - can you believe it!? I mean time is just flying!
I have had my hours changed at work and I only take a half hour for lunch so my days seem so long.
I am a Deputy Clerk for the State Court and have been in this position for 15 years. Prior to being a Deputy Clerk I was a Courtroom Clerk. I have got 22 years of being in a court room setting and let me tell you I am feeling all 22 years of it mentally and physically!

So I say this to say I have been in a rut here. The rut comes from management! I can not express here all that I have gone through but trust me it has been insane. What I can say is the way that I am feeling will stop.

I making it my TOP goal!

Goal Numero Uno: I am letting this office go and giving it to GOD. I will not stress about this office and the people who are in it. I will come here and be free. I will do my job to the best of my ability and go home.

Numero Dos: Being good to myself. I only have this body so I need to continue to eat better. I have been on journey to get fit but I need to turn it around and say I want to get healthy. I have had carpel tunnel surgery in both hands and am considered a percentage disabled. So I really need to focus on being good to my body and these hands.

Numero Tres:   Manage my crafty time better. I am always burning the midnight oil trying to fit in my crafts. I will have to figure this one out? How do you manage your crafty time? I would love to know!

Last but not least: Learn photo shop! I say this every year. I would love to have better pictures for my family albums and scrapbook layouts.

If you made it this far... thanks for listening to me!

Jossie Posie

Share your goals with me I would love to know what you are going to be focusing on in the next year! Don't be shy! 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Crafty Christmas Wish List!

Eek! Countdown to Christmas is about to begin!

I have had my eyes on a few things. My two older kids are adults and have been asking me what I would like. So in being in the spirit of CHRISTMAS MAGIC I decided I would share a few things with you on my crafty wish list!

I even created a wish list on amazon that I may or may not share with you at the end of this post! hahaha

So I def felt like a little kid again preparing this post! MY main item you know everyone has a main item.... mine is that Pink Cameo. My gosh crafty peeps this is so so pretty!

I am putting it out there in the universe that - that machine will be mine! :) Ya hear me universe??

Here it is:

I guess you can tell I am a gadget girl by my list!

You can find the links to items here:  wish list items

So if you are wondering what to buy a crafty person these might be helpful.

Oh shoot wait- one more item I failed to put! Permanent Adhesive!

Now tell me --- What's on your crafty wish list!!? Can't wait to here!


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thankful for YOU!

Hey my sweet crafty friends... Happy Thanksgiving! 

I know not too many people read blogs anymore but my heart still wants to post!

So thank you for following my craft adventures!

I am so grateful for you!


Christmas Crafty Challenge!

Crafts, crafts and more crafts! 

Today I am sharing a Christmas exchange I had with my besties. 
The challenge: One memorydex, one wand and one shaker item

I packaged mine in these recollection picture store cases. 
Added this iron on #happymail that they could iron on to any fabric tote or pouch. 

         Here is my wand! First time folding strips of paper and um it was kinda hard! hahaha
Used the merry Days collection for the wand and embellies.

Made this paperclip with the star tag from the collection.

this stencil I actually picked up for myself :)
oh and below is my shaker pocket!

My memorydex card  

This challenge was fun and forced me to use my stash! 
Thanks for reading through my blog!

If you would like to see what else is in this box of goodies come on over to my 

Jossie Posie 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Friendsgiving 2018

My friends and I enjoyed our #friendsgiving over the weekend. It had been a while since we got together so this time around it felt so special. I can not recommend this enough to anyone who will listen to me. Go find your tribe. 

Backstory: I got into scrapbooking and making things with my cricut machine but didn't have any friends or crafty friends! I have been a mom all my life it seems and well friends have moved or we just didn't keep in touch. I have 8 sisters and basically they are all my friends so I didn't think I needed any friends. 

So anyway I started looking for craft classes or events in my area and for the most part would just go alone. I wanted to learn the craft but what I didn't realize  was I was score on some pretty amazing friends!  I have learned so much from these two ladies. These girls have been crafting like forever!

So these girls let me in their tribe and I am ever so thankful!
I pretty much share my life with them! There is not a day goes by that we don't communicate. It's like magic! :)

Mugs made by my cameo! 

I am so blessed and thankful!
If you would like check out last years friendsgiving here ya go: Friendsgiving 2017

a lil fun here on my IG too: #jossieposie4


Monday, October 29, 2018

October Daily Update! I am a Paislee Press Guest Designer this month!

Ok friends how are we doing!? Me --- uhhh lets just say I am steady gathering my pictures! I was hoping I would have had more opportunity to blog, YouTube and post on IG but it just has not happened. Ya see theirs a little thing called life that just happens to get in the way. So even though I am not caught up I did manage to complete these assignments for the good people over at Paislee
October has been very very busy I made it out to my daughter's college which is almost three hours away twice. I think we both are trying to figure out this whole college life.

Let me stop blabbing!

Let's get on with my DT projects....

This here is going into my october daily and I love the little bits of stitching by hand.
The digitals are all by Paislee Press Fall magic elements.  

This next spread is form the Yearbook Elements. It was hard not to turn this into a halloween type of thing since this is also going in mt OD. 

There you have it ghouls! Ill be back with some good ol October Daily recap soon!!

Let me know you doing oct daily? You making any special Halloween treats!? How's the month treating you!
I have not had a pumpkin frap! Say Wha!!!?

Your friend til the end...
Jossie Posie 

Monday, October 1, 2018

We all screamed Crafty October Daily!

Hey guys! It's OCTOBERRRRR!

I am so so excited! I def am not prepared even though I set up my craft desk lol
Today I am coming at you with a crafty October daily challenge! 
Florence  @livelifeandcreate and I teamed up to create this challenge.
What is this challenge you ask???

It's for crafty peeps who are not doing October Daily but still want to join in on the fun of October! I am doing both because well I'm cray.

So I will be documenting my October prompts in a TN because it's small enough that I can take to work and easy to carry in my purse.
I might even a add a page or two in my planner.

Here are the prompts. You can doodle, cut and paste really anything you'd like!

Happy October Crafty Peeps!!!

Jossie Posie 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Wandering Planner stamps not just for planners!

I recently went to a Wandering Planners event in San Jose, California. 
I bought two stamp sets. I used this Nor Cal stamp set on these pages in my travelers notebook. I love the way the white ink bounces off the black pages. This travelers notebook is from my sweet friend Theresa: @mydocumentedlife shop.  So yes I probably could of used a better white pen but this jelly roll in white had to do.     

This is my little guy enjoying being back in school and reading. 

I used the Golden Gate bridge stamp in gold ink. Stay tuned for my next post on what happens in an actual Wandering Planner's event!

Happy Crafting! 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Silhouette Giveaway!

Ok - who doesnt love a good GIVEAWAY!?? The good folkse over at Silhouette America are giving away a new cameo! My cameo is like 4 years old okuuurrr!? So uh hellooo pick me!

So my heart always tells me to share becasue even if you win that would make my heart happy! 

Now I have gotten good use of my cameo but would love to win a new one! If I win I would def give my niece my old cameo. She is a crafter at heart!  
Please click on this link and give it a shot! Click here!

Not only are they giving this machine away they are throwning everything in the picture too!

Trust me this company is awesome! My friend Linda won a cameo! They truly make dreams come true!

Peace love and pretty paper!!


Friday, August 17, 2018

Quiz! Which Hocus Pocus Charcter Are You!? Come Play!

Ok - yeah Disney caught my attention on this! I'm starting to get Halloween fever!!

Take Quiz Here: Which Hocus Pocus Character Are You!?

So I took the quiz and I'm Alison! 


Thought I'd share some good fun here! Let me know who you turn out to be!?

Happy Friday GHOULS!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

DIY Disneyland Autograph Books!

 Hey friends! Howdy!

Today I am coming at you with some DIY autograph books. My niece asked me to make my other two nieces some books and to be honest I didnt want to punch holes and make minis. So I was on the hunt for some sort of notebook. BAM! Good ol Target came through! Disney had a line at Target and you can still find these there. I bought three and decided it I would call it a day!

Here is my vision that came to life!

I turned on my cameo and started cutting away!

I cut the lickey heads and minni bows too for the inside cover.  

From there I just cut up a Disney Say Cheese page from Echo Park and glued them randonmly in the notebooks.  

Did some stamping 

Added stickers from my stash 

Used supplies I would never use! Yay!

My inside cover....

The end page. 

and that's it folks! Simple very very simple and I love it! 
The mommies loved it too! 

I am positive you can do this with any notebook you find! 

Here is my YouTube  Vid! 


First Day of School Layout!

Ok let me just start out by saying I never do this ... I took the photo, went home printed the photo then put it on a layout! Crazy right!?

Actually one more first for me---- I used my home printer!! I always print at Walgreens because i print photos in batches when they have a sale.

It's hit or miss with their quality but I do it for convienence because like they saying goes "aint no- body got time fo that!"

Here we go...

My boy.
I take the same photos of him every year.... walkin to school and we usually are late because I walk slow lol 

It's dark  I know but this is in my upstairs hallway and I was just so proud of myself for printing lol 
There you go---- my Canon and guess what I LOOOVED the quality! Why am I not printing at home!?    

Thanks for stopping by on this super short post but I am hoping to be more creative and post more! Long live BLOOOOOGS!!!

Thickers by Cool Kid- Crate Paper
Plaid paper -  Carta Bella


Friday, July 27, 2018

Thrifted Tape Dispenser Re-make!

Hey if you have been following my blog you will know that I absolutely loooove going to thrift stores and antique fairs. I stumbled across Amanda from Be Crafty 's instagram post where she show cased a pink vintage heavy duty tape dispenser. Once I saw it I knew I had to make myself one!

So it was so ON! The thrill of the hunt BEGAN!
I'm talking stalking my local thrift stores every week okay? No luck ever like for a year! No darn luck!

Then one day.... just minding my business walkin these thrift store isle and there is was staring at me. An old ugly maroon colored heavy duty vitage tape dispenser like from the 80's maybe?

I grabbed it like I had found GOLD! GOLD Y'all! Me!? Yes, ME!!! Yeeee HAW!

I thought no way I could turn into a pink beautiful tape dispenser but I did! Let's take a look at it shall we? 


This is so perfect to send out packages for Happy Mail and for Christmas wrapping sessions!

Here is my first coat... It was not loking good. I sanded it first so that the paint would stick and it sure did! 

Isn't it perfect in pink!?

I'm in love with it... I mean not like I want to marry it but I  would def 
have it be like my maid of honor. I tease I'm already married :) 

So um yeah - there you have it! 

I know I know trying to plug my Youtube channel here: But for real go watch it and subscribe to me!

Now tell me what have you painted recently or want to purch to paint!? 

Jossie Posie