Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October's Past...

Halloween Parties... every year for the last 7 years I have thrown a Halloween Party for my family. EXCEPT last year we were remodeling and it didn't work out. SO this year I have to go BIG!
So today's post I am doing a little recap of Halloween 2015. In 2015 every Micheals and JoAnn's sold skeletons. I was convinced I had to have one! Let's visit my October 2015...

OK I took advantage of a 50 percent coupon and this guy was origianlly $75! I loaded him up along with some other goodies and we made our way to the check out. 

Buckled this guy in and we are were off! 

We quickly got him home and made him fresh cotton candy lol
We named him Charles too!

This was his first instagram appearance... 

Of course Lily Cat loved him too- he was such a good babysitter!

And here was his main purpose... greeting our guests at the door for our Halloween Party! 
We dressed up as characters out of the Sonic cartoon. 

Cupcakes for the win

My son and his sweet girlfriend Melissa.

My sister setting up some spooky snacks.

What I love most about Halloween... is that my sisters love dressing up! It always a surprise to see everyone in costume! This is my other sister.  

And one more sister (I have 7 of them)

My niece and nephew.

Spooky Jalepeno Peppers

My hubby and my brother in law.

Last but not least some good ol fashion fun at the party!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me relive my Halloween 2015. 

I promise to post pictures from my Halloween 2017 party!

Do you have a party? What traditions do you do for Halloween? I would love to hear!

Jossie Posie  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We all screamed OCTOBER DAILY!! My October daily set up!

Hey my sweet ghouls! Happy October! Yes one of my favorite months of the year! It so full of fun! I cherish every day. October makes me feel like I can be silly and free like a kid. It's like who cares if I am goofy -it's almost Halloween and that's reason enough to be silly spooky! So yeah same routine as December Daily but your capturing the fun along the way leading to Halloween.

In honor of the coming of the Great Pumpkin I held a October Daily giveaway on my instagram.

So I busted out my box of Halloween goodies and just spread it all over my desk! 
Let me tell you it felt soooooo good. Like I had just won a prize! That plaid album is what I will use this year to document. The orange mug is a project I need to finish for my sweet friend Doreen! If your reading that's yours!

I cleared off just enough space to get my craft on. 
Blew up some balloons and it put me in the spirit! Join me! I'd love to see your album too! 

Happy October!!
I'll be posting hopefully weekly! 
Let the fun times roll....

Here's a video of my October Daily set up- enjoy!