Monday, January 9, 2017

#ONELITTLEWORD with Ali Edwards

Hey friends! Day 9 into the new year! How y'all feeling!? 
Are we still digging the new year new you vibe?! I hope so! 
As you read in my last post I joined Ali Edwards One Little Word, and well I'm 
beyond excited to start this journey!  I am still so excited to be starting fresh and trying to get back to basics.  I wanted to show you what I was up to yesterday... let's go!

I downloaded this 2017 freebie from Kellie and it fit perfect for my start.

I added the word I chose from New Year's Eve - BE!~

I printed out the class lesson and dove right in! 

Gathered a few of my go to supplies!

Here is my word - no going back!

I really enjoyed printing the cards on beautiful heavy presentation paper. Nothing like a good thick quality cardstock!  

I then printed out a few pictures of myself and some of my favorite items. 
I am actually hoping my great great grandkids will thumb through this in years to come and really get to know me! 

aaand that's it folks... I wanted to just tell you that this project seems really interesting!  

The best part of this class is I get to tell my own story! Thank you Ali Edwards for taking my money!
No just kidding - thank you for thinking of this concept!

Peace, love and pretty paper!
Jossie Posie