Saturday, December 31, 2016

Let's set some GOALS babes!

Hey babes it's 11:09 p.m. on New Years eve night ... and I don't know if I will make it past this blog post! So Happy New Year!!! It's been a super long day here in my home!  I just wanted to say thank you to you sweet girls who pop in and read about my crafty journey!

Before the night ends I want to speak my goals into existence here on my little ol' piece of the world wide web! Here they go....

1. Be OPEN to receive all of God's words and blessings. Without him I don't know how I made it to 43!
2. Be PRESENT in all the many activities and little moments my kids journey's take them on.
3. Be UPLIFTING to my wonderful hubby who bless him moves our family forward.
4. Be LOVING to my sweet grand baby girl. I mean isn't that what grammies do!? I am always so rushed that she is my sweet reminder that I get to just stop everything and enjoy her every little move.
5. Be ORGANIZED in my life and actually use one of my planners! :)
6. Be  HEALTHY and bring exercise back into my daily routine.
7. Be CREATIVE and nature the little girl in me who loves to make!

In doing this here I am hoping that one of these words jumps out at me as I will be participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word. It starts tomorrow and I am so excited to jump in and get back to basics. This word that you chose is a word you can reflect on all year long.

Lastly I leave you with some pictures of my day....

I did get crafty... made these t-shirts with my cameo and heat press that I promise to use more in 2017

The little girls dad will be wearing this shirt...

Shopped for a whole bunch of sweets - these girls wanted to bake tonight 

They are starting off with donuts!

and last but not least... had my daughter take pictures of me with her snap chat filters. I swear this Hello Kitty filter is going to make me download this app even though I'm too old to be on snap chat!! 

Well it's time!  I need to go fill these empty flutes with apple cider! Cheers to a happy crafty New Year!

Tell me what are some of your goals... how will you make 2017 awesome!!!??

Jossie Posie  

Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!

Merry Everythang! 
As 2016 comes to an end I thought I would do a little recap of some of my favorite December traditions. 
First off if you have been following my blogs you know how much I love cute coffee mugs. So setting up a hot cocoa station for us to enjoy on the weekends is a must! 

I added to my cookie collection last year with lots of goodies from Pottery Barn intact my fav time to buy is the day after Christmas when all the goodies are on sale. I buy it at a dirt cheap price and box it up for the next year! Love having everything at my finger tips when we start baking. These cabinets are in my kitchen.  

Another favorite tradition is having my youngest write a letter to Santa. He is 7 and I love that he still believes! I know I have a few years so I cherish this.  

wait for it ... wait for it... Yes! DD!! Getting with my crafty girlfriends is so fun and it 
is so fun to see each others albums! 

December traditions also include making tamales! My sisters and I take turns hosting the tamale making party. This year I was up and we had a blast! 

Crismas Mimosas to start the day off!

While we wait for the tamales to cook the littles in our family make gingerbread houses.

This picture below shows my daughter with teens from her confirmation class. Every year go to Target and the teens are given a family. We split up and shop for our family in need. After we purchase gifts we head back to the church and wrap the gifts. We then box up food basket for more families in our community.  After all of our work is done we watch a Christmas movie. Us parents make hot chocolate and popcorn for the teens. This event lasts about 4 to 5 hours but its so worth it! I love watching my daughter serve our parish and give with an open heart. It's a night full of prayer and being filled with god's love.   

This one here is not really a tradition but it's my sons birthday! I love that we get to celebrate him and it's always included in my December Daily. TO BE HONEST I usually end my dd on this date :)  

Last but not least last minute Christmas shopping! We are always pressed for time but we get the job done! 

Ahhh and now a peek of my Christmas morning. The best sight... my tiny people. This picture was taken after breakfast and just before we opened presents.

After presents we rush over to my in-laws and then over to my sisters home. It's such a busy day!
This year's theme at my sisters was "pajama party".  Here's my nieces and I enjoying some tamales we made!

We also get a special visit from Santa. My grand baby was not a fan :) haha Maybe next year she will enjoy him!

As fast as December came in is as fast as it left! In fact my tree came down the day after Christmas!
I'm excited to start the new year with new hope! I am ready to receive all of God's blessing! 

Cheers to new memories and getting those pictures printed!!

Peace, love and pretty paper!
Jossie Posie         

Monday, December 12, 2016

Papercakes DIY Advent!

Hey babes... today I am sharing an Advent calendar I made with the super cute digital files from Papercakes by for my tween. We both loved the way it turned out! Check it out!

I started off printing of my digital files and using this ikea box I had at home. I chose it because it already came with dividers. I want to say these boxes are under $4.

I then measured and cut out my paper just enough to cover each section. I then added little embellishments. Those embellishments I printed on sticker sheets.  

My digital files once printed on card stock became a flip door for each compartment.

Wa-La! My daughter loved it!
Annnd that's how we celebrated the first twelve days of December!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Lumber Jack Cookie Exchange Party

Hello November!
This passed weekend my girlfriends and I decided to celebrate with a cookie exchange for my friend Liz's birthday! We had so much!

We each brought homemade cookies and decided we would make the d├ęcor warm and cozy.

Us girls love to just enjoy each other's company. We meet up every other month and craft all day. I mean like sun up until sun down or when Joann's craft store kicks us out.
We have been doing this for about 4 years now. It's pretty much tradition!

Here's my set up crafting while eating! :)
We also sang Happy Birthday to Liz!

Here's the fun part! Being silly! Just because you have adult kids doesn't mean your an oldie but goodie! 

The best part sharing so many laughs with these girls. I swear I am so happy they found me and let me join their tribe! 

So what do we craft you ask... anything! My craft was making this dash board and finally moving in to my Heidi Swapp planner!  
Thanks for stopping by friends! Where ever you live get your girls together and craft! JoAnn's craft store will let you sit in their class room for free!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kenye West Pop Up Shop SF- Yezzy Yezzy!

Yo! Hey! We just left the Yeezy pop up in SF and let's just say it did not disappoint! 
My daughter and now me :) are major Kenye fans and we had to go check it out. I took a few pictures so you could experience it with us - let's go! 
Hers the line ... Total time in line was 45 minutes. The poor people behind us did not make it in! 

When you walked in they hand you a sheet and you mark exactly what you want. They allow three people in the line to enter as three leave. 

Here we are in front of the stores backdrop. 

And here's our girl with her $75 tee!! Yes you read right this merchandise was expensive. When we left my daughter said she wanted to marry it! Lol 

To see this  face right here smiling and so  happy was worth it! 

Jossie :) 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Pink Typewriter - Say Wha!? Yasss!

Happy Friday Y'all!!
Look what my sweet friend Linda found! A NEW pink typewriter for sale!!
Yes people this is real and new!! I couldn't believe my eyes! Look at this beauty!

This right here is like everything! 

Ok so this what I found on Michael's website...

You ready for the price!? 

Yes- YALL - 2HUN!!! Ouch right!? 
Ok so I went to my nearest Michael's and yes they had one! 
I walked in like a boss! I'm like I have a 50% coupon right here ... Well wouldn't ya know it 
I'm so sorry folks the good people at Mike's added this to the famous exclusion list!!!
I know I cried all the way out. 
So yeah I guess I have no choice but to use my old faithful.... My Bubblegum Pink typewriter. 
I bought it years ago off eBay and the keys do get stuck but maybe some WD-40 might help! 

On that note let's continue to drool together on this typewriter from We R Memory Keepers…

Jossie Posie

Friday, July 29, 2016

King Kylie and Pro World got me like...

What Up!? Today I am sharing a tutorial on how I made this tee for my daughter. She is a lil obsessed with Kylie Jenner and her Lip Kits! Her lip kits launched not too long ago and I swear I waited to buy and every time I tried they sold out in minutes!! So after three months of trying I finally got through and bought two for her! The things we do for our kids!  This tee was an experiment.  I won this heat press on Instagram from  Amy aka Amy Tangerine  and Pro World Inc. few months back and let me just say YEAH this press is DA BOMB! Here we go...

I purchased transfer paper off amazon and printed a picture off the internet. Wa- La... here's how it came out!

Pretty awesome right!!!? So worth it after I saw my daughter's face! 
I wish I could show you some fancy set up but this machine is housed right in my garage away from the little's in the house. So here'e what the set up looked like...  

I printed this image on transfer paper and followed the instructions on heat and time. 

Pretty awesome how this heat press can basically not only press vinyl iron on but can also press an image off the internet! It's like magic! So easy it was unbelievable! 

So yeah check out my friends at Pro World Inc.   and see how this simple machine can bring so much fun! I had all three of my older kids watching as the magic happened. 

I also made this tee for my son's girlfriend... she's a Harry Potter fan! 

I am so excited to create so many more fun tees! In fact I just purchased a coffee mug heat press. Now to get my hands on a sublimation printer and I'll be rollin! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Jossie Posie

*I was not paid for this post just sharing my own little feelings here y'all :) 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Phrase Stamp ALERT! Calling all phrase stamp hoarders!

Hey boo...

yeah you....

the one who collects roller stamps like me.... yeah- YOU!

I am dyin like not dead but a lil faint... I wanted to share this sneak peek of this phrase/roller stamp that I think you might need....

LOOK at this beauty!!

This stamp is a piece of Pink Paislee's newest collection by Paige Evans.

Remember way back when I had to spray paint one of Studio Calico's phrase stamp pink because they kept sending me black ones!? Sometimes ya gotta take matters in your own hands!!
So glad the crafty peeps over at Pink Paislee heard me :)
And... last but not least a picture of my collection since I have taken this picture... I actually need to buy another holder but those are hard to come by. I promise to update my post here once I have this new stamp in my hot little hands!!
oh... wait I forgot to tell you, You can get this stamp later this month. Please check out Paige's website here to see the rest of her collection: Take Me Away  
Jossie Posie