Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kate Spade Planner Craze!

Well hello there! Is there any Kate Spade lovers out there!? 

Today I just wanted to share some of the madness that has been happening on Instagram...

The planner community has gone wild.  I'm not kidding. This my friends is serious stuff.  Take a peek at these planners that just came out about  week ago. 

These my friends are the new Kate Spade planners for 2016. The rose gold is a new color for Kate Spade.  The retail price is 198. The outlets always have a promotion and I just happened to get mine for $66. Why the crazy you ask... because these planners are being sold right now on ebay for $475!!
Wild right!? I have an older pink Kate Spade  that currently is selling on ebay for $400 too! I would never sell mine because I can move back into it at anytime. 
My mind can't seem to understand the NEED in buying a planner over $80! 

The inside... oooh awwwwh! 

All these rose gold planners just sitting at the Kate Spade counter waiting for new homes!

So what came home with me?  Yes, I am one of those planner girls gone mad. So these two planners, a wallet and this bow sweatshirt came home with me! I happened to go in and the sale was 50% off plus and extra 30%. I couldn't resist as these planners I can say last forever! The leather is nice to have instead of a spiral bound planner and the zip around makes it so functional! Once I move into my new planner I will post pictures of the set up. 

For now you can click here to see how the Instagram Planner Community has started moving into theirs. 

Thanks for stopping by! What's your favorite Planner? How many planners do you have? 


Thursday, October 8, 2015

The #GIRLBOSS Tour - Let's Ride!

I met Sophia Amoruso THE #GIRLBOSS - say wha!?

Yeah, pretty cray cray right?

So good ol Instagram lead me to see a post that Sophia was about to take a #GIRLBOSS TOUR - yes, you read that right.

Her book came out on paperback. I had read the hardback in like two days when it came out. I could not put it down. It was as if she was speaking directly to me.

So when I heard she was going to be 20 minutes from where I worked I knew I had to go meet her.

My opinion in one word bad ass... ok I lied that was two.

She read the introduction to the introduction (which she added to the paperback) and it was awesome. One thing that stuck out to me was that she said, "don't idolize me".

I interpreted that to your own damn self - each one of us is unique.

She answered some questions and the one question I asked was did she ever feel like what the hell am I doing or why am I doing this? She answered, and it surprised me. I was expecting to hear about her early days but she said she still ask's herself those questions today. I thought is was honest and sincere.

Enough talk let's ride...

Eek! Here I am with the famous paperback...

I set up shop at Barnes and Nobles in the cafe. I brought my Cameo & laptop to make her a stemless wineglass... well because I'm a maker, that's just what I do!  

Font #2 was the choice

My gift to her... because every #girlboss needs their own foiled wineglass.

The #girlbuss (photo credit my new friend Jennifer)

Yes, here she is friends!

She was honest, beautiful and a badass. 


Wow, see my smile... that pretty much describes how gosh darn excited I was! 

My new friend Jennifer! She was by herself and so was I! We both where hours early so naturally what do two #girlbosses do? They have fun! 

I had to... 

here it is folks... The #GIRLBOSS gave each of us a swag bag and a $25 dollar gift card to her store. 
pretty rad.

Thanks for taking the ride with me!

If you are in the bay she has a stop tomorrow in SF

ThursdayOctober 8SAN FRANCISCO, CATime: 7:00pmLocation: The RoxieTicketed event
FridayOctober 9CORTE MADERA, CATime: 7:00pmLocation: Book PassageTicketed event
Saturday, October 10LAKE FOREST PARK, WATime: 6:00pmLocation: Third Place Books
Sunday, October 11PORTLAND, ORTime: 2:00pmLocation: Powell’s City of Books    

Jossie Posie