Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Planner Babe! Yes- I am talking to YOU!

Oh yeah... you know you are getting sucked into all those planners that are appearing on IG and facebook! Right!? So how many do you own? Don't be shy!? 
No, but really... wouldn't this mug be perfect for all your IG posts!?

You are in luck... my mug is on sale for 13 right here at Jossie Posie 
I'm not trying to break the bank babe I'm just trying to keep you stylin. 
Like I have said before there is not enough cool stuff for us cool paper lovers.  

So there you have it- why not be cool when your havin your morning cup of joe :)

Watch out for me... creating is in my blood. Can't stop won't stop!  


Monday, January 12, 2015

Planner Meet-Up!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! 
It's has been over a month since I last blogged. I apologize for that. I got engaged on Christmas Day and a few days later married! My brother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer around Thanksgiving. In a pledge I gave up crafting and buying craft supplies. I also closed down my shop in order to commit my time to being by my brother in-laws side.  We lost him two days after we were married. I'm still in shock because everything happened  so fast. My postings will still be sporadic as I am still dealing with this loss. 

So let's get to the heart of this post. Planner meet-up!
I had the pleasure of joining these ladies and their beautiful planners. 
I was able to touch and look through everyone's systems. I loved the kikki k and the filofax as much as I thought I was going to! In fact after I got home I ordered a GOLD kikki k! I will show pictures once I receive it! 
We started the day by having coffee and going through everyone's planners. From there we went on a shopping trip to Papersource, Kate Spade, and a Japanese stationary store. Last but not least we invaded The Container Store. It was such a blast!     

 I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my adventure! Until next time my sweet readers! :)