Thursday, May 29, 2014

Class with Kelly Purkey!

Wanted to share a recap of my class with Kelly Purkey with you all today. I had the best time! I took two classes with her. The first class we made a instagram mini album. I had never made one before so it was very cool! The second class I took was preparing some project life spreads. Kelly gave us so much product in both classes. Oh gosh and the stamp sets in both were super awesome too! What made the class super fun was during the break we stayed in and ate lunch. She sat at our table and filled us in on her travel adventures and listened to all my silly stories. I loved seeing my sweet friends that I have meet through instagram. The whole day was such a treat. Let me just say crafty girls are the nicest girls. Here we are being silly because posed pictures are sometimes boring.

So happy I took my instax to be able to capture these memories...
Thanks for stopping by!

Jossie Posie

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Show Your Work!

Once I read this book I could not put it down.
Every page spoke volumes to me.
I am a new blogger, papercrafter and small buisness owner. I ran across a post on Instagram by +Shanna Noel. Just hearing how she was excited about it made me excited! I immediatly went on to Barnes & Noble (link to book) website and had them text me when I could purchase the book. A very cool feature by the way. About ten minutes later I got a text saying my book was ready and was waiting for me at the counter.
Let me just start by saying this book changed my way of thinking. I always thought to be good at something you must perfect your craft then let it out to the universe. In reading this book Austin Kleon explains in order to be discovered or recognized you must show the process of your craft. It does not matter if it's any good because other crafters will recognize your work. That process alone will lead to a following.
I dont want to give up all the goodies in this book that really hit home for me but I do give it a big fat thumbs up!!!! 
I can't wait to get my hands on his last book "Steal like an Artist". I love the way he says close to the end of the book to share it with someone. I'm going to give this book to my sweet friend Theresa who is a small buisness owner. Who knows she may make it to the top!
A crafty dream.......
Jossie Posie

Friday, May 9, 2014

National Scrapbook Day! We invaded Joann's Crafts & Fabrics!

Let me start off by saying this is the FIRST time I celebrated our holiday!
My girlfriend Theresa and I gathered up our crafty friends and made a day of it!
Let's just say I did not get anything done but had so much fun!!
The best thing about this hobby is getting to hang out and talk with other women who love pretty paper as much as I do! Here's a peek of my day!
Strawberry Margaritas!

My crafty besties... Liz, Theresa, Renee and Linda (JoAnn is missing!)

These awesome Margarita cupcakes were to die for!
Thank you Linda!

Theresa and I - Theresa thank you for driving down!

So thats that my friends........ I wish I would have taken pictures of everyone's projects but I was on a mission to get my stamp binder put together.

What did you do on NSD?

Jossie Posie  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How I organize my stamps!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!
Today I would like to give you a peek at how I decided to organize my stamps. 
I started "scrapbooking" a year ago. My first Project Life kit was purchased from Studio Calico last April and after I opened my kit I was HOOKED!!!

yeah crazy addicting hooked! 
The touch, the feel, the sight of such pretty paper being delivered at my door was an utterly treat!!!

ok let me stop... here we go... first let me give credit to Cathy Vee from Paper Addict. I saw her post on IG and knew it made sense! The hoarder in me said "do NOT take those pretty stamps out of their package!" So I listened but as stamps and stamps kept being delivered to my door I knew I had to make a move. So I followed Cathy's lead....  
let's do this yall.... it took me like 4 hours on National Scrapbook day to realize it was a fail!!!!
My original page protectors were a FAIL! After shopping JoAnns = still nothing could get me a nice look. 
After searching Office Max thanks to my sweet road dog JoAnn aka JoBoogie77 on IG I found the miracle inserts I needed.
Note: the reason I had so much drama with this was because I had my heart set on using a certain three ring binder...
herrrrrrre we go.......
Here is my baby!

How beautiful right!? Trust I hated letting go of the
individual wrappers. I feel free! 

So this is a trading card protector where I put my smaller stamps in. It's a bit smaller than a 3 x4

I can now flip through this album instead of a box where my stamps used to be.

each page is so easy to see what stamp I want to use.

My SC 4x6 strips work great in these page protectors

These trading card pages I found at Office Max for 3.49- not bad right?

These house my larger stamp sets

warning: I did have to cut down on my smaller stamp sets to get it to glide in
and out of the pocket.

Here I used my explore to cut the words out on pink vinyl. Easy peasy!

NEXT on my orginazation list.... my dies! I may even do another
binder for my embossing folders. I really dont have many of either and dont plan on buying
 anymore. At somepoint you have to say... yeah that's enough :)

Thanks for coming to check me out... :)
I hope I have given you some inspiration to let go of those packages!

Craft on my sweet friends!
Jossie Posie