Friday, March 28, 2014

My DIY Candy Pink Raskog!

Happy Friday everyone!
I am sharing my raskog today. I held off a year before I bought this raskog. It was sold in grey and  turquoise. I loved the turquoise but wanted something different. As luck would have it...Ikea came out with a cream colored cart. I knew it was time. I ran to Ikea but the cream still did not feel like I loved the color. It looked like an ugly office color from the 1970's. So here is my ikea hack as they call it...

Pretty in pink!

Here are the color's Ikea offers. The cream actually looks pretty here but trust me it's not. lol

I used Rustoleum in Candy Pink. 2 Cans did the trick for 2 layers.

My Process:
- assembled the cart
-taped up the wheels with painters tape
-sprayed my first can
-let it sit overnigjht
- the next morning added another coat
- by afternoon it was dry and went in my office

I have not had the heart to fill it up because it's just so pretty the way it is,

I would love to see if you take the plunge and buy yourself this wonderful cart! I am still searching for the best way to organize and fill it.

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I'm out........ toodles! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Calligraphy class with Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir

Hi my fellow crafter's! Today I am sharing a few pictures from a calligraphy class I took with Jenna Rainey from Mon Voir. Let me just start by saying she was such the sweetest person.
I had so much fun in the class and I feel like I left with a better understanding on how to write in callagraphy.
I was able to get a selfie with her after the class!

This here was part of the set up of the class.  It was all so pretty!

this bag was waiting for me - it was filled with practice paper and the class lesson.

I loved that she gave each student all supplies needed to start calligraphy at home.

Here is a view from my table. The girls I sat with were all so kind. Infact they were scrapbookers!

I took this picture after class. The class was held  at Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton, CA.
I got lucky to be in the area to take this class. I also had this store on my many crafty places to visit.
I was not disappointed. This store was filled with goodies!

If you would love to try your hand in Calligraphy Jenna has more classes at Oh Hello Friend.
Thanks for stopping by!