Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life Crop with Shanna Noel from Studio Calico

Well Hello !

Sharing some pictures and some papercrafts that I made this last week.
Life has been super busy now that I have found myself a hobby!

This photo is of my girlfriend Teresa and I.

I met her at the last Amy Tan class and through Instagram.
We had so much fun getting to know eachother and sharing our love for Project Life.

Do check out her shop on Etsy!

Here is Shanna who was again so sweet and fun! 
It was really cool, she showed all her tips and tricks that she uses on her album. 

Here is Barbara and Shanna having some fun with water color! 
It looks pretty awsome!

You can check out Barbara on her blog here:

Her Project Life pages are really fun to look at.

Teresa and I had fun too! I think we did more talking than cropping!

So here is the page I created at the crop.

Below is a layout I did with my first Studio Calico kit.

I am hoping my layouts get better as I do more. This one here is probably my 4th layout I have made in my life! lol

SN@P! demo at Michaels this past Sunday. Here is my table and I was told to just make an album. 
Fun Right!? Getting paid to CREATE!?

I loved all their products! I def recommend if you would like to start project life you use one of these albums! Its a mini album like the one I use.

Here is a page I created.   

Last but not least is a card I made. Dont laugh remeber I'm new to this thing called Papercrafts!
ok now you can laugh :)

This card was for my daughter's 12 year old friend and she liked it! So that was my mission. 

The inside

I used my cuttlebug and a die/stamp set from the stamps of life.

pretty cool right! I love using this machine!

this is the cupcake bottom part.

Ok crafter's thank you for stopping by!
May the force be with you and......
craft on!

Jossie Posie

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Falling in LOVE with Project Life!

This layout I'm sharing today is from my craft party that was back in February.

I was part of a Project Life Tag Swap with @cynthia90 & @arcyscraps 
and these are some of the tags I received. These two girls are very creative and make wonderful cards! 

You can find them here: 

I used one card to journal and added the mustache to it as I had everyone where either a pink or blk mustache :)

I made the banner for my girfriend Sara and I never got around to making one for myself!
So at least I have a picture of it!

I really love the way these journal cards and pictures fit perfect.

Would you like some Hot Pink in your life......?

This lil machine really makes snowcones with just a push of a button!


Here is my Bella enjoying hers!

My new find at typo... finally had a chance to use them.
These are erasable highlighters that are awsome. Found them on the clearance table!
I will post a picture later but def have a lot of plans for these in my near future!

Happy Crafting!

Jossie Posie

Monday, April 22, 2013

Amy Tangerine Lay Out Class - Awwwwsome!

yeah I know right! lol
My morning started off making 6 cups! Yes 6 cups for Amy, her Mommy, 2 sippy cups for the Cutie, and of course my Insta-friends Linda & Liz.
My girlfriends and I were sooo excited for this class we decided to pack lunches and make a fieldtrip out of it!
Take a look see at our amazing day with talented Amy Tan!

Look its Mommy!

My two insta-favs! @lizzycake @linmom  
My first layout class & it's with the Great Amy Tan!

Amy showed us a how she layers step by step. It was really awsome seeing her techniques!

This was her layout #2

My layout using her technique

This is Liz workin away!

Look she loved her cup! (below)

so did Amy! This is what makes my heart feel good... when people love what I make them!


I met new insta-friends too!

This is Amy signing my book!

If you have not bought this book... go get it! I could not put it down sat night. Each page was so super helpful. I felt like I learned so much by just reading this! 

Oh and here are my coffee mugs I made for these two sweet friends of mine!

 This here was a treat! Amy also got us started on a Project Life page and this is how I finished it at home! I finally used my stencil set for the Yum. I used her alphabet stamps to stamp out the ready set go. I also used her monthly stamp. I even used all the scraps left over to attach to my journal cards.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures today! Thank you for stopping by!

Let's Get Crafty!!

Jossie Posie

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's just THAT kind of day today.......

My Crafty Peeps! Hi there!
Look what I got in the mail...

Yes! HOORAY for happy mail!!

I follow this awsome papercrafter named Babz510 on instagram and she posted a picture of a journal card. I loved the stamp so much I had to go buy one!  

I def need to go back online and buy this hooray stamp too!

This was the stamp on the back of my package.

So these are the two stamps I bought:
internet slang & confession
both super cute!
Planning on using the confession stamp a lot. Def going to journal a lot about myself so years from now my kids & grandkids could remember me! hahaha I have a lot to confess!   

Please do check out The Prompt Shop here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/promptshop

She has a lot of amazing stamps!

Check out this one below that I just had to stamp!

This is the feeling I have been having the last couple days here at work! The joys of the Court world!

Happy Crafting, Stamping & Creating!! 

Jossie Posie

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I'm a little late to the show but definitely ready!

Let's get ORGANIZED!!

In the begining of the year a lot of my insta-friends bought these life planners.
I have to admit they looked awsome!

At the time I was buying all my Cricut cartridges and craft supplies that I just did not see the need to spend $50 on a calendar that I might not use.

So I found myself in March with two cheap calendars and I was very unorganized!

Thanks to my insta-friend Nancy @mini_nans who posted a picture of the great sale that lead me to buy this awsome life planner!

That's me Jossie Posie!

They gave me some free goodies too!

These are stickers (below)

This is the backside of my cover.

First thing I did was write my name! I was just too excited!

Through out the planner there are really nice quotes like this one (below)

Awsome stickers I found at the end 

so many to chose from dr. appt to hair appt (all free)

There is also a marker so that you can flip right to the month you need to be in!

This lil pouch sits at the very end of the planner and they included more personalized notes for me!

I will def keep lil odds and ends in this pouch

Love this one below. I will def order some becasue they gave me a $10 off coupon on my next order! 

Ok so here we go! This is April ... I'm in love! I felt like a kid with a coloring book!
I couldnt wait to get organzied. I started stamping, adding washi and realy looking at how to manage my time better.  

(the other side of april)

So my overall review.... LOVE IT!! 

Do head over to her website these Calendars are marked down from $50 to $30!