Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Silhouette Cameo!

Hi Papercrafters!

So I bit the bullet and bought myself a Cameo!
You ask what is a Cameo? A Cameo is an electronic cutting machine.
It is like the Cricut in that it it cuts images for you. It also has a print & cut feature. 
Please do see their website as i'm sure I'm not covering the endless possibilites that you can do with this machine. 

There was a great deal on HSN and a bunch of my insta friends all bought one!

I was having buyers remorse the first day but today I am soooo
I could scream but I'm working!

If your would like one please ck out their site here:


Now Amy Tangerine ( I love her) is also having a promotion on her site if you missed the HSN deal. 

take a look see... 

You can find her blog here:


Visit Silhouette and use the promo code: TANGERINE through March 31, 2013

Now on to the good part of this post

MY Cameo is arriving today! Infact it may be at my house and I'm at work err!

This is me trying to scramble and watch videos to learn this new gem!

I am so nervous, excited, and scared!  I will def post about my first cut here so do come back ya hear!?

Lord please help me be a good papercrafter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Crafty Wednesday!

Hey Crafters! I have been super busy planning a Baby Shower! 
Fun right!? So today is wed and below is my coworker who wanted her new tape dispenser bloinged out! We added some bling & I cut out her name using my cricut and......Tadaa! 

oh geeze look how cute these are! I made these last night and I have to say the HK cartridge
favorite because it's SUPER CUTE & and easy!!

Here below is my Cleo mug. She loved it! I love making gifts for people!  

Below are my Rock Princess cupcake toppers that I also made last night. Gotta say 
they are not bad for using toothpicks I had in the kitchen. 

So I was also on a roll last night and made these centerpieces for the babyshower.
I la la looove them :)
- added some glitter glue to give it some sparkle!

Oh and hey....... look the Easter Bunny is coming to visit!
I found these carrots at Hobby Lobby! They where perfect for my tree!
I bought the mailbox at target during valentines because I knew it would be prefect for Easter in this teal color. My son was sooooooo excited!

Ok so yes I made these last night too! These cute cups are for my Boss who has 2 granddaughters.
I loove the PINK!

ok I'm almost done here.....

oh Hi! I was trying to get my inner Kitty out with these adorable HK glasses!

Ok my crafty peeps! You getting ready for Easter!?
 I'm still decorating for Spring!

Happy crafting!
Jossie Posie

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY - Heidi Swapp Mini Wooden Album

Hi my crafty friends!

Just wanted to share my attempt at making a Heidi Swapp Mini Album! 
Instagram is on fire these days with colorshine! 

So here it is and I just want to say I loooove it! 
Cant wait to fill it up with pictures! 

I used sweet cherry colorshine on my ribbon and album to give it that pop!
I used black for my pennant and mustard which is my new FAV color on the heart I cut out. 

Sorry the below picture is horrible but just wanted you to see that the album is really just wood when you buy it!

My colorshine colors from Michael's

Here is how it looked when I finised each colorshine 

Now on to what I made this morning lol
My daughters friends birthday gift. We filled it with Kit Kats! Yum!

Some wall art I made for my friend Nicole... she will be welcoming a new nephew! 

Boy this washi comes in handy!

I love this mustache!

Ok my peeps! Til next time!!

Craft On!


Monday, March 18, 2013


Wow I thought I was the only crazy crafter around!? Nope!
I entered the expo and their was a gazillion ladies just like me! hahaha

I wanted to sharer some pictures of the event!

Thats me.... but you knew that! hahaha I did not want to leave until I won something!

These are my new crafty-insta-friends that I met from Instagram! They invited me to come crop with them at their table. We had LOADS of FUN!
Below are Kristin, Linda & Liz
I would have never met these girls if it wasn't for Instagram- so thank you Instagram!!

Look at Miss Kriss! We had such fun! 

Below is the sweetest package I rcvd from Liz! Everything was cute!!

Now these ladies here where going to craft til midnight on froday and walk back in at 8am on saturday!

Hey who's in the Michael's Booth!? ME!

I dont think I shared this yet online... I am the new scrapbook instructor for Michael's in Dublin!
I worked the booth on Friday and got to meet lots of crafty ladies!
Below is Stephanie the owner of Stamps of Life. She was really super sweet!

Here I am at a open house for Michael's

Now I would like to share some personal info about me...
This is my 21 year old son and he moved out on his own about 1 year ago. I miss him everyday but am so happy he is being his own man. - love it! 
here is his new baby... his new car! Yay! 

These lovely flowers came as a surpise from my sweet boyfriend!
This is me at the good ol Court of Appeal where I spend my days making sure
justice gets done!

Oh hi! This is us at Papersource in San Jose....  love love love this store!

Below is a quick bottle I made for my sweet cousin Ruby.

Wow sorry I had to cram all that in one post! Things are pretty crazy now that I have taken up teaching at Michael's.  Thank you my crafty friends for stopping by! 
peace, love and crrrrafts! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Heidi Swapp Pretty Wall Art

Make Pretty Stuff!

Hey there Crafters!
I wanted share some wall art I made with Heidi Swapps colorshine & paper.

I had these products and I was thinking.... what should I make? I have not bought any memory files or albums so I was limited to just the paper & the colorshine. 

I had watched HS on you tube to get some ideas. One idea that she demonstarted was using 2 colors. 

So I picked my two colors and thought oh perfect I will make some wall art for Easter!

Check it out! 

This is in my hallway entry where these hooks are always filled with backpacks & coats.

So this is what I had to work with... (below) my 12 x 12 Chic Paper &  Color Shine Paper


Ta da!

Sorry for the bad lighting it was 1am ... I'm a late night crafter!

The process of coloring my paper... I added the gold to the bottom to blend.  

Finished product below...

Here are the colors I currently own but I need more to complete my set!!


My Amy Tangerine monthly stamp meets Heidi Swapp's colorshine meets Project life! 

All this to make pretty PL tags for my instafriends Cyndy & Cynthia.     

Thank you for stopping by my Pretties!