Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cricut Craft Room Tutorial

Ok I am going to fall in love with my CRICUT again!

My Insta-Friend Linda creates these great cuts using the CCR. She was nice enough to make a tutorial for me so I could get some more use of my cricut. I thought I would post this and share with you all.

You can find Linda & her tutorial here: 

Please check it out for inspiration! I'm hopin to get crickey with it!!

I took a snap shot of her blog...this is what you will see

she walks you through how she makes her cuts by welding!

oh and these babies....... these are my new finds from Michael's

This paper stack is filled with great goodies!!!

These are perfect for Project Life!

Hey look at these awsome embellishments!

Love love love.....

thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fieldtrip to Scrapbook Territory- Berkeley CA

Hi my crafty frrrriends! I wanted to share a scrapbook store I went to over the weekend. It's called Scrapbook Territory. It was about 45 minutes from my home. I do have a Mike's and a Jo's in my city but they don't carry all the good stuff that the scrapbook stores carry. Come take a peek with me...  

First thing I see... is why of course "Heidi Swapp's" amazing stuff....

Here is Bella with all the Thicker's galore!

Wouldn't ya know....... a class was in session!

Isles and Isles of paper galore.... heaven!

The stamp collection was to die for!

They had two huge sections of wooden stamps and isles of cling stamps

These guys came home with me....

I can't wait to sit and play with them!

I scored this monthly stamp that I will use for Project Life if and when I start!!

Oh me oh my DEAR LIZZY stuff!

I adore this stamp

oh and hello some Easter stuff! I'm hoping to wear these bunny ears to the scrapbook convention coming up!

I bought these last year for 2.98 at Target and I finally get to break them out!

Oh and this girl.......... she is my Fav.... can I please be her for a day!?

Happy Make-up , Happy Crafty-stuff ... yes please, thats me!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Addicted to Vinyl.......

Addicted to vinyl ........? (dont laugh)

I'm serious........ I am! 

I see it on the shelves I'm like immediatly drawn to it! 
hahaha ok ok you can laugh now

but really If I see a sale I'm buying it infact I have way too much vinyl at home :)

Over this holiday weekend I made 19 water bottles for Foothill High Schools soccer team. 

Take a look...    

I really enjoy working with vinyl. I can do anything with it.

It's when I get a challange of papercrafts that I get freaked out!

So here is another bottle I made this morning for a customer who is gifting this to a girl on St. Mary's College Basket ball team.

I made this in less than 20 minutes. 

I really liked the way it came out and so did my customer. 

ok so now on to papercrafting! Yikes right!? 

These tags are from some great insta-friends off instagram...

These tags are also from a Project Life Swap I joined...

And below is a Valentine Theme card swap I was in...
The pressure is on when being creative and coming up with a design but then there is such a rush of excitement when you get that envelope with all this handmade good stuff!!

Last but not least... these awsome goodies I found off the bearyscrap website all for under $10! DEAL!!

Oh my I almost forgot look at all this GOOD STUFF from Heidi Swapp!! There was so much stuff at Michael's to choose from and this is what made it in my basket.
I figured I could use this on my Project Life. My next run I'm def getting the mist! 

Craft On my people :)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

HaPpY vAlEnTiNe'S dAy!!

Hi There! Happy Valentine's Day!
Love love this day and it what it means to me.
It means Love.... love for your honey, love you feel for your kids, 
the love you feel for your parents, and the love of life! 

I took a trip to San Fransciso with my sisters and we had the best time. Here I am below 
infront of Cako's bakery. YOU MUST try the pink lemonaid cupcake! TO DIE FOR!  

An order I made for my GF Sara
I must say these pictures do not give these glasses any justice!

My first shot glass I made looks pretty tempting! lol

Oh and look here........ Little Mermaid, one of my fav girls Ariel.
She is my first sale on Etsy!
You can find my shop on etsy "JossiePosie"

Oh so I do craft too.....  below are my tags for a
 Project life tag swap I was invited to.
I had one night to do it. So I was up til 1am doing these babies. 
It was so fun to create! These Fiskar tools make it pretty easy to pretty things!

Below are some cool images of my day in the City...

Found this book in Nordstroms

uh can you tell I was in full Valentine mode!?
This is love on pages of a romantic story.

Here is my niece and my sister. They where too excited! 

My new phone case... Im loving it!! 

My sister & niece being fashionistas 

This HK store was the first store we entered!

I was eyeing these bags but can't part with my Michael Kors purse

Happy Valentines! Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, February 11, 2013

My Valentine Craft Party!

Hi Crafters!
This is me with my PINK stache lol
I thought it would be funny to surprise my guests this year with doing somethin a lil different.
So every year I invite my sisters and their kids to make valentine crafts. 
Take a peek at this year's party....... 

I found these lovely lips & mustache toppers at Target
My daughter Reyna made funfetti cupcakes for the party.

Meet my niece Ashley.... She is more like my little sister than my niece :)
So happy she came ontime lol to help me dip chocolate covered strawberries.  
My family is always late so it was perfect.

I let the guests also decorate their own cookies

Made with love ... By Ashley

So I bought these straws from Micheals and knew they would be perfect for the party!
Pink Moscato & a splash of club soda  

This is how the party started messy but fun!

Meet Malia - my tiniest crafter... this card was for her Mama 

Here my guests are ... being silly ofcourse

and now to the cards.....

love love this cupcake stamp

notice the use of the love date stamp!

My lil Isabella made this card for me :)

Loved all the cards...

I did not get a chance to make cards because I was being the hostess

My Godson even came to make his little GF a valentine card!

So glad my guests took advantage of my new stamps

My two tiny crafters tired after the party. 
Showered and sharing a blanket to watch some cartoons. 
love them...   

Hope you enjoyed my lil Valentine Craft Party...until next year!
I hope I have inspired you to get your friends & family to get CRRRRafty!