Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Mermaid Vinyl Tutorial

Hi Crafty Friends! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I loved being with my family and I was busy making lots of mugs & wine glasses for them. So today I wanted to share a coffee mug I made. I also want you to see just how tiny some of the vinyl gets.

I started off by cutting Belle from my Dreams Come True Cartridge


The image size I used was 2.75 because that is the biggest
size I could use on my mug.
The lips and eyes are the most tricky because they
are so tiny!
                                                    This is how tiny the lips are cut (below)

Each piece of Belle is cut out on a different color vinyl sheet

Here is Belle below with her outfit 
Use the circut magazine to guide you on colors. 

Once I have Belle put together I place the Cricut vinyl adhesive over my image

I then rub the transfer over my image 

I place the image and transfer over my coffee mug

Once I have her placed where I want I then rub over the image.

Below is my finished product... Love the way she came out!!
This mug is for my niece Alyssa.  

Below are some other Disney Princess's I made for my nieces 

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! 

Craft A Lot?

I loooove too! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cricut Adhesive Transfer Tutorial

Hi My Crafty Friends! Today I will show you how I use the Cricut Adhesive Transfer Tape to help transfer my vinyl images.

So you want to cut your images out with your Cricut.
I used my new HELLO KITTY Greetings cartridge. 
( I love love love this cart!)

Below is the image of what the Cricut transfer adhesive looks like.


Here is my image I just need to add the bow and the nose.

Once my image is cut, I place the Cricut adhesive transfer tape over my image. (see below) 

Once the tape is on my image I use my cricut tool to go over the image to allow the image to transfer on to the transfer tape. 

Below I now have my image on my water bottle.

Once it is on, I use my Cricut tool to go over the image and smooth out any air bubbles.

Once you have smoothed out the image on your product you can remove the adhesive and your image will stay like my pictures pictures below!

A few more other items I use Cricut adhesive transfer paper on...

I hope you found this useful as this helps to get your image transferred over to your final product.
No more guessing if you have added it straight. This paper does it for you!

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cuttlebug Love Part 2

Hi Crafters!

So I took a poll on instagram and a lot of the ladies said they would add "Family" to my banner. I took their advice and I LOVE the way it came out.

I used my Lyrical Letters cartridge

Once I had my letters cut out from my Cricut I was ready to emboss them in this awsome Cuttlebug!

Here is my "M" as I am running it through.
(I place my cardstock in between 2 B plates)  

Below you can see my "L" is embossed! 
So EASY!! All you have to do is turn the handle the Cuttlebug will do the hardwork!

Here are my letters ready to be placed on my banner.

Here is the "A "

I tried to get a close up

My finished banner yay!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cricut Christmas Banner

Happy Friday!! I have a banner I would like to share. I stayed up way too late making this banner!
It was worth it becasue I had so much fun doing it.

This was my first time using my Pretty Pennants cartridge.

Look how AWSOME my Cricut is! I get amazed every time I see it cut so large!

Here are my cut out pennants. I used 2 diff types of red print.

I whole punched them and ran a red ribbon through them.

Love the colors!

Drum roll please......... My Christmas Banner. I am really happy the way it turned out! I may go home tonight an add some letters to my banner I'm dying to emboss them with my Cuttlebug! I could get addicted to making banners!! This cartridge is a MUST to have! Next banner... one for my craftroom!    

Have a wonderful weekend fellow crafters!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cuttlebug LOVE...

Hi Crafters! I was so scared to use this! I went online looked at some you tube videos of other crafters demonstrating it. I was intimidated by the order of the plates.  I was a wreck!

The Cuttlebug is the easiest crafty machine around!!!!

Let me show you how easy this lil guy is to use!

Here is my cuttlebug as soon as you open it suctions to your desktop

My BLANK card

I knew I wanted this tree on my card. This tree is from the Teresa Collins Christmas cart. 

This is my white piece of cardstock in between 2 B plates

I snapped this picture as I was rolling the handle and the plates where going through. EASY!
It was so easy to get the plates to glide through. I did not have to use any pressure.   

Look! I embossed my first piece of cardstock! (I took a break to dance at this point)

This wreath is also from the teresa Collins cart.

These are the items I had in mind when I was thinking of how to design my card.

Yay! Here it is! I love it! :)

I used the Scotch adhesive dots to make the tree and wreath stand out

I hope you like my card! I'm pretty proud of it!

This is my cubical at work. When I am not in a court session this is my home away from home. 
I know what your thinking? Why is it not crafty looking? We got new carpeting and we had to box everything up. I just dont have the heart to unpack now. I rather CRAFT! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Your crafty friend - Jossie