Monday, November 15, 2021

Jingle It Christmas Kit Mini Book!


Friends! HO HO HO! Guess what it's that time of the year again! I had the best time fussy cutting these printable by @nellyandclem you can find her Jingle It Christmas Kit here. 

I decided it was the perfect opportunity to document my love for my Christmas Mug Collection! So I decided I would create a vellum book cover and add my tag flip inside to switch things up a bit. I combined my two loves of mini nooks and tag flips! 

I thank you so much for stopping by today! What projects are you working on!?
I have got a list going on! 

I have got my OCT. Daily then my new Thankful 30 and now DD prep!
It's holiday mix that I am doing at least for now!!

Peace, Love, and pretty paper always! 
Jossie Posie 

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  1. What a great Idea. I wish I had documented my mugs "My name is row. and I too am a mug-coholic!" It is so hard for me to pass up a cute mug, I miss the days when I could keep them all inside buy I had to separate and pack them up by seasons years ago : ( but Isn't it so fun when you unpack them? Its like kids with new toys they forgot they had. Those Target mugs are infamous in my house I have one gingerbread and only because a friend of mine works at Target and hunted it down and not only kept it but gifted it to me. Im going to make a mental note to start taking pictures of my mugs- girl you should start up a mug daily album craze! move over dec. daily! Jossies coming! lol I always enjoy seeing photos of you and your granddaughter- I bet she is so excited to visit Grandmas house. Jossie, you are giving her such beautiful memories! I wish I could take a peek into her life decades from now. I imagine her having her own December albums, journaling about her and her Grandma and how fun you were, that it's because of you that she loves The holidays so much. You are so blessed my friend, I cant wait to be a grandma, hopefully someday I hope Im not to old to play.