Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Maggie Holmes Day to Day Disc Planners

Ok so if you have not heard.... I am here to tell ya OUR girl Maggie Holmes is coming out with some awesome planners! I died! Yes-girl-yes in my favorite color too PINK!!  I used a Happy Planner back in the day and I def got to say it was pretty bomb and flexible! I had a punch at work and at home so I was always able to add to my planner. From the Crate Paper website it states her planners will only be available at SELECT stores. So you can count on me to find that select Joanns! Let's get a look see shall we?

I am a total fan of those disc planners and really I am going to have a hard time chosing which one to buy! Thanks for stopping by! 

Peace, love and pretty paper!
Jossie Posie