Saturday, December 7, 2019

December Daily Ho Ho Ho!!

          Well well well here we are at the end of the year! October was a doozy with all the October Daily activities and November was also crazy busy! Today is December 7th and I have not touched my December Daily Album! The important thing is I am taking pictures!
         I'm starting to feel the pressure of not posting any content. Today I am reminding myself it's ok. This is not a race. I don't have to "keep up with the scrap queens" So if you are in this boat please do not let the pressure get to you!

          This year will be my 7th year participating in this project. Here's a picture of a December Daily party my friends and I had a few years back.
Merry Everything!
Will you be joining me in December Daily!? Call me crazy but I'm thinking of making a 6x8 album and a junk journal that my friend gifted me!


  1. It's not a should bring you joy not anxiety :D

    Can't wait to see--you always have awesome albums!

    1. I am bringing it on Sunday! Cant wait to see you!!