Friday, September 6, 2019

Happy September! I think you are magic!

      My sweet crafty friends! Hello! I have not created a blog post since July! I wish I could say I was out having a grand time but the truth is I have been on stress leave! I don't like to post heavy topics here but I feel like I need to get it off my chest. Things got so bad that I just could not be at work. I mentally could not take the bullying I was receiving.

       Here is where I want to tell you "it is ok to not be ok".

    I did not craft all summer! I miss not being at work and doing what I love. On that note today I am bringing you some pages out of my planner.

I am using the "all heart" collection  in my planner to remind myself  "yo go girl".

I love opening my planner and seeing this shaker card and the reminder of magic!

This quote is what my coworker and friend told me on one of our tough days at work. 

Layering embellishments is so soothing! I dare you to try it!

Until next time sweet friends! Keep on crafting!
Jossie Posie