Thursday, April 25, 2019

My Bullet Journal for 2019

My goodness father time slow down! Where did February, March, April go!? My father in law passed away at the end of February and it's just been a real big blur! I miss him. It's crazy to think that when I go to his house he wont be there. I sit on his favorite couch every time I am there. It just has not fully registered yet!

So today I wanted to celebrate spring because he would want me to. So I doodled in my bullet journal and here I am sharing it. I started this bullet journal in January. It's from Micheal's and I paid a whooping $5 dollars! That's it.

I will journal in it. I will keep track of my pens (that's another post) and my ink pads. I don't open it everyday but I do keep it in my bag of goodies that I carry with me to work :)

If I am a meeting or a class I pull it out and write notes.

Let me show you some pictures from my bullet journal....   it's really just me brain dumping in a journal. It gives me peace. I find cutting and pasting make me happy even if I only do it for 15 minutes a day! You should try it!! Here we go...

using new products!
planning my week

ripping pretty pictures because I can

smiling for the camera!

practice writing

drawing and hand lettering

tracking my gazillion pen collections 

printing out pretty pictures 

documenting my feelings 

messy stamping and coloring 
creating lists!

Thanks for letting me share and sorry for the overload of pictures! I plan to add more and get back into the swing of things with this journal! 

Happy crafting babes!
Jossie Posie  


  1. love this!!!!! a way to be creative each day :D

    1. Thank you Linda!! Gives me peace of mind at my crazy job!

  2. This is so fun! It's like a scrapbook, regular journal, and art journal all in one! You're right.. I SHOULD Try this!