Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Guys... I have got a problem, a BIG one: too many fun planners! I have got a planner stack as you can see:

Wait and I added one more! This beauty by Teresa Collins! I was looking everywhere for it and low and behold it was in my new Teresa Collins cameo box! Feeling pretty lucky! 

I know crazy right!? So Yeah! I have got some high hopes! Here they are and I have been using them all this week! 

The big happy is for my Wandering Planner work load & events.
The mini happy is for my everyday life in my purse type of thing.
The pink bujo is for journaling 15 min a day while I am art work to bring sanity to my 8-5!
The Teresa Collins I will use for my YouTube ideas & videos! 

So there ya have it! I mean I do now work for a planner company I better have some planners and show my work! Here is the inside of my mini happy planner :) Love opening it up and seeing these cute faces! 

Hmm maybe  I'm just a scrapbooker at heart and need to cut & paste everywhere!? 

Do you plan & scrap!? 


  1. they are all so pretty :) I wish I had a life to plan--haha :D

    1. Girl half of the time I am just cutting and pasting pretty pics from online :)