Monday, December 10, 2018

Goals........ 2019 here we come!

So we are coming up on 2019 - can you believe it!? I mean time is just flying!
I have had my hours changed at work and I only take a half hour for lunch so my days seem so long.
I am a Deputy Clerk for the State Court and have been in this position for 15 years. Prior to being a Deputy Clerk I was a Courtroom Clerk. I have got 22 years of being in a court room setting and let me tell you I am feeling all 22 years of it mentally and physically!

So I say this to say I have been in a rut here. The rut comes from management! I can not express here all that I have gone through but trust me it has been insane. What I can say is the way that I am feeling will stop.

I making it my TOP goal!

Goal Numero Uno: I am letting this office go and giving it to GOD. I will not stress about this office and the people who are in it. I will come here and be free. I will do my job to the best of my ability and go home.

Numero Dos: Being good to myself. I only have this body so I need to continue to eat better. I have been on journey to get fit but I need to turn it around and say I want to get healthy. I have had carpel tunnel surgery in both hands and am considered a percentage disabled. So I really need to focus on being good to my body and these hands.

Numero Tres:   Manage my crafty time better. I am always burning the midnight oil trying to fit in my crafts. I will have to figure this one out? How do you manage your crafty time? I would love to know!

Last but not least: Learn photo shop! I say this every year. I would love to have better pictures for my family albums and scrapbook layouts.

If you made it this far... thanks for listening to me!

Jossie Posie

Share your goals with me I would love to know what you are going to be focusing on in the next year! Don't be shy! 


  1. GIRRRRLLLL I feel like you are telling my story! I have worked for the County of Riverside for 21 years, 11 + of it at the District Attorney's office and I am burned out, stressed and depressed!! I have also let my health goals go by the wayside a bit because of it... so I need to LET GO also! And also find ways to make crafty time a priority... let's do it in 2019, girl ((Hugs))

    1. Yes girl Yes! We will cheer each other on! 2019 here we come!!!