Monday, November 19, 2018

Friendsgiving 2018

My friends and I enjoyed our #friendsgiving over the weekend. It had been a while since we got together so this time around it felt so special. I can not recommend this enough to anyone who will listen to me. Go find your tribe. 

Backstory: I got into scrapbooking and making things with my cricut machine but didn't have any friends or crafty friends! I have been a mom all my life it seems and well friends have moved or we just didn't keep in touch. I have 8 sisters and basically they are all my friends so I didn't think I needed any friends. 

So anyway I started looking for craft classes or events in my area and for the most part would just go alone. I wanted to learn the craft but what I didn't realize  was I was score on some pretty amazing friends!  I have learned so much from these two ladies. These girls have been crafting like forever!

So these girls let me in their tribe and I am ever so thankful!
I pretty much share my life with them! There is not a day goes by that we don't communicate. It's like magic! :)

Mugs made by my cameo! 

I am so blessed and thankful!
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a lil fun here on my IG too: #jossieposie4


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