Thursday, August 30, 2018

Silhouette Giveaway!

Ok - who doesnt love a good GIVEAWAY!?? The good folkse over at Silhouette America are giving away a new cameo! My cameo is like 4 years old okuuurrr!? So uh hellooo pick me!

So my heart always tells me to share becasue even if you win that would make my heart happy! 

Now I have gotten good use of my cameo but would love to win a new one! If I win I would def give my niece my old cameo. She is a crafter at heart!  
Please click on this link and give it a shot! Click here!

Not only are they giving this machine away they are throwning everything in the picture too!

Trust me this company is awesome! My friend Linda won a cameo! They truly make dreams come true!

Peace love and pretty paper!!



  1. Good luck!! it's an awesome feeling to win :D

    1. Linda you lucky lucky girl! Thank you for sending me good vibes!