Wednesday, August 15, 2018

First Day of School Layout!

Ok let me just start out by saying I never do this ... I took the photo, went home printed the photo then put it on a layout! Crazy right!?

Actually one more first for me---- I used my home printer!! I always print at Walgreens because i print photos in batches when they have a sale.

It's hit or miss with their quality but I do it for convienence because like they saying goes "aint no- body got time fo that!"

Here we go...

My boy.
I take the same photos of him every year.... walkin to school and we usually are late because I walk slow lol 

It's dark  I know but this is in my upstairs hallway and I was just so proud of myself for printing lol 
There you go---- my Canon and guess what I LOOOVED the quality! Why am I not printing at home!?    

Thanks for stopping by on this super short post but I am hoping to be more creative and post more! Long live BLOOOOOGS!!!

Thickers by Cool Kid- Crate Paper
Plaid paper -  Carta Bella



  1. This is such a cute layout!


  2. Yay for scrapping it so quickly! Love this is so special :)