Wednesday, August 15, 2018

DIY Disneyland Autograph Books!

 Hey friends! Howdy!

Today I am coming at you with some DIY autograph books. My niece asked me to make my other two nieces some books and to be honest I didnt want to punch holes and make minis. So I was on the hunt for some sort of notebook. BAM! Good ol Target came through! Disney had a line at Target and you can still find these there. I bought three and decided it I would call it a day!

Here is my vision that came to life!

I turned on my cameo and started cutting away!

I cut the lickey heads and minni bows too for the inside cover.  

From there I just cut up a Disney Say Cheese page from Echo Park and glued them randonmly in the notebooks.  

Did some stamping 

Added stickers from my stash 

Used supplies I would never use! Yay!

My inside cover....

The end page. 

and that's it folks! Simple very very simple and I love it! 
The mommies loved it too! 

I am positive you can do this with any notebook you find! 

Here is my YouTube  Vid! 


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