Monday, July 9, 2018

My Craft Room

Hey friends! I finally managed to put everything away in this room of mine!
Excuse the lighting as this craftroom is in my garage! Yes, you read that right! My son painted my garage walls white and painted half of the floors white. Then my hubby came in and hung up a bunch of shelves for me! I'm feeling pretty lucky to have been able to create a space that I love coming to. Let's take a peek! 

I have two ikea desks next to eachother which gives me a great big space to create. 
Here is a corner shot. Most furniture items found at a thrift store or Ikea.  

 Thats two Kalax systems on top of eachother.

My pink vision board. 

I keep taking over more and more wall space! whoops!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd here's a video!

Thanks for stopping by! 
craft craft and craft some more! 
Id love to hear your thoughts and what you love the most about your craftroom!

Jossie Posie