Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Giveaway over at Jones Design Company!

Hey friends....

Just wanted to share a sweet giveaway from a fellow blogger I have been following for years now!

I have purchased Emily's class on graphic design  and purchased sets of her lovely striped towels.
I love her style and her knowledge. So let me get to the giveaway! hahaha

Click on the link below and enter!

I am dying to get my hands on this book but just have not broke down to buy it.  I told myself I would not buy another cook book until I cook something from the last book I book I bought. I think it was Chrissy Tiegens cookbook.

So there you have it.    

Jones Design Company giveaway!

Enter and check her out for yourself - she's pretty dope!
Amazing water color skills and I love her freebie watercolor prints.

Good luck everyone!

Here is my small haul from the Magnolia line at target... I also promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore because these shelves are pretty full!

Peace, love, and pretty paper!


  1. I always love how you decorate your shelves!!! so pretty :D

    1. confession- I stopped rearranging after this shot.... I'm feeling tired and old :)

      but Thank You!!