Thursday, April 5, 2018

March One Little Word -ya still with me peeps!?

Yes-- March came and went and here is a recap of what I did and how I reflected on my word.

Let's ch ch check it out!

My main focus was working out and getting better connected with the good man above. 

This girl is my coworker and she makes my job and working out so much more fun! I cherish her!

Wait and she's my photographer! lol,

In March we also got to go to my hubby's first movie premier. 
It was crazy insane to his name on the big screen. 
The movie was called Marcianos vs. Mexicanos.
I pray it does well in Latin America and that it will hit the big screens here in the US.   

My last page are my reflections of the month. 

I also have a tiny clip of my #olw album here: 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy #olw if you are following along! 
By this time last year I had already fell of the project! So happy to be here celebrating and
reflecting on my word "Grace".

Jossie Posie


  1. Yay for sticking with it! Love your pages and reflections :D

    1. Thank you Linda! April has been rough but trying to stay strrrrong!!