Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Completed December Daily 2017! Oh Yeah! Merry Everything!!

One word... no two: Hek Yes!

I am in complete awe right now of all those ladies who complete their albums in December. Let me tell you I was avoiding my DD like the plague. Seriously I did not want to see another Christmas embellishment to save my life! I had to slap myself and say Jossie, your kids will thank you, just finish!! So I did!

This album took the whole month I mean ya gotta live in order to take photos right? So I did.
I collected pictures and printed pictures like it was the thing to do. Over the holiday weekend I said I am going to not clean my desk until this gets done. Here we go!
Warning.... mayday mayday --- very PICTURE heavy!

This album is by: Echo Park purchased from Scrapbook.com  

2x2 Paper by Felicity Jane

hahaha I told you it was picture heavy! So yes this isn't even all the pages! I would love for you to come by my YouTube and check out the video!
These pictures below are the pictures that didn't make the album!   Never fear --- for project life is near! I plan to get back into pocket pages. I have got empty albums that need to be filled!

Thanks for making it through this long post! Happy Tuesday! I'll be back soon with my update on my One Little Word album.

How did your December daily go?! I would love to know! 

Jossie Posie