Friday, November 17, 2017

Vinyl is your friend! DIY Mug Tutorial

Yay Pumpkin Spice is in for one more month y'all!
So my sweet friend Doreen  asked me to make her a mug last year and I never found an orange mug for her... but I did this year!
This is what she wanted her mug to read.... 

Pretty darn cute right? I have not done a tutorial in years so let's go....

You need your cut vinyl image, a mug and some transfer paper that's it! 

Stick the transfer paper on top of your vinyl image. 

With any credit card or sturdy card rub over your vinyl image. 

Once you have rubbed your transfer paper on to your image the vinyl image with adhere to your transfer paper. See below image....  

Once you place your vinyl and transfer paper on top of  your cup get your credit card and repeat rubbing over the vinyl image. 

Gently peel your transfer paper off your mug and wa- la! You have now made an awesome cup!
I would love for you to tag me if you venture in making a cup of your own! 

NOW... I get so many questions on this I thought I would include this to my post. 

I made this mug in November of 2014 for a friend and I.

Here's how it looks 3 years later...  

My name came off about a year later and I was ok with that...
Now mind you I use this mug as a travel mug  weekly - it gets a lot of use!
I even place it in the microwave for thirty seconds and you are NEVER supposed to place vinyl in microwave . Some how this kitty has just hung on....

SO here is my TIP: The bigger your vinyl image or letter is the better it's chances of staying on your cup are longer.  If your font is really tiny then you have to be super careful when you wash it so it doesn't come off.  

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions. As soon as I have a proper set up I will make a you tube video so be on the look out!

Jossie Posie  

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