Thursday, August 31, 2017

S'mores & Bonfires!

Hi Friends!
Have you survived summer!?
Let's see it's been pretty busy in my home as it is every summer. Three of my four kids celebrate their birthdays in June and July. So it's birthday after birthday and then throw in my nieces and nephews birthdays too! Wait plus mine is in August too!
WE are on sugar overload! My daughter has a tradition now where every birthday is celebrated with  s'mores and a bonfire. Which is fine by me because I love being at the beach.
Come take a look how easy it is to customize your own s'mores!
So we started with finding images online of celeb singers that she liked.

Printed out the photos.
I used this whole punch that you can find at your local craft store.
Placed the face right in the center and gave it a quick punch!
Used some bakers twine and wa-la!  

I placed these in the fridge overnight because I did not want to take a chance on the chocolate melting!

Here my daughter and her friends enjoy their yearly tradition of celebrating my daughter's birthday!
Our group gets bigger and bigger every year! We now rent a 17 passenger van!

The best part of this awesome trip I love to take pictures and now I have loads to scrapbook!
I love being able to scrapbook because when I work on a page I get to relieve that moment over!
Thanks for stopping by my sweet friends!


  1. Great and easy project for sure! Glad to hear your still scrapping again!

  2. Love these...such a fun birthday party favor!