Monday, April 17, 2017

Hole Punch Collection!

Meet my collection of hole punches... I just enjoy looking them! Ha! No I collect these because I like to make notebooks or add to my planners at home. I find that it's easier to make your own inserts than have to buy them, remember I'm a big DIY-er!  

Here's a side view... I think my favorite is the Heidi Swapp two whole punch because I always seem to go for it the most. The last two years I have used HS christmas albums so it comes in handy!
I def feel like I need to spray paint one of these pink haha!    

What's your fav punch and what do you make with it!?

Thanks for stopping by!
Jossie Posie  


  1. Wow! I have decorative punches, like hearts and borders, etc... but not these! I didn't realize a person would need more than one of these types of punches, but apparently so... obviously I don't make books or planners. BTW - I'm starting to think that even though I don't think I have any collections I actually do, LOL! I may need to round them up and photograph/write about them also... you've inspired me! Question: Isn't the Zutter pink... or are my eyes playing tricks on me!

    1. Yes you do! Im sure of it! Round them up girl! I would love to see even make for a perfect layout for your challenges!
      OH yes my zutter is a very very light pink! It's old and I bought it off a fellow crafter on instagram :)

  2. love your punches...I don't have as many, but a few that you only gripe about most punches is that they don't punch well through page protectors! :)

    1. oh I hear ya!! Now what I have learned is that the crop a dile is best for page protectors-I'll have to finally try it and use it!