Monday, April 17, 2017

Scissors Scissors Scissors!!

Scissors well what can I say I use a pair of scissors almost everyday. At work, in the kitchen and getting my craft on. I love a good pair of sharp scissors! My first pair of scissors was my Fiskars. I loved that I felt like a true scarpbooker haha. In crafting I then realized well you can't use regular scissors on fabric so I needed some fabric scissors and thats how my collection grew!   
So every week I am trying to post a picture of the collections I have. I actually took this picture within 10 minutes of laying them down. I was rushed as I had to leave on time to get to work. So here is the other picture I took...

And... the first picture won! Look who reposted, MY GIRL MARTHA STEWART! 
I could not believe! I woke up to see this notification from Martha! I had to screen shot it and since I'm a memory keeper I will be making a layout with this! Take a peep!

I love love everything she wrote! She's my idol! It really makes me feel good about all the little silly things I do. My Kids were so shocked! Just to see their reactions was gold!  

So yes... I will continue to post a whole bunch of silly crafty things that make my heart happy!

I promise more collections to follow!

Jossie Posie 

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