Thursday, March 2, 2017

Workspace Wednesday! Phone Collection!

You girls I'm a day late .... but here it is! My second collection of crap I don't need but have! This collection started off because I just NEEDED a pink retro phone! HERE WE GO ... let's see
 So yeah my sister also found one for me so now I have two! One the tall pay phone one actually works and we use it in our kitchen!
I love each one and I honestly don't feel like I need another the phone so this collection
is closed! Done! Finitto! Finatto!  
So look they are so pretty and especially love them for decorating or just as props in my silly instagram photos!

So yeah that's it! My retro/vintage phone collection.

- both pink phones found at antique fairs
-black phone found at thrift store
-aqua rotarty found on eBay
Peace, love and pretty paper!!
See you next Wednesday with a new collection!
WHAT do you collect!? 


  1. Love them!!! You have the best props :D Love that you use the "pay" phone!

  2. Great, and unique, collection!
    I keep wanting to respond to your question but IDK what I collect?! Except for prot3ein bars and Nut Butters which I eat so I can't really say I "collect" them, LOL!