Friday, February 24, 2017

Collecting: What do you collect?

What up peeps!!? Today I am here because I wanted to share a few of my collections with you. Laugh if you must but somehow I have found myself with quite a few collections. I am going to be sharing my collections with you here on my blog and on my instagram. First up are these beauties!

I started collecting these roller stamps back in 2012 when I discovered instagram and how there was so many women who loved pretty paper as much as I did! So let me show you the madness...
Um if you read my blog you know my fav color is PINK! So naturally I needed pink holders for these beauties!

These here below do not have a home yet! As you can see in this last post all of them had homes.

What do I do with these you ask... well nothing! hahaha I'm kidding! I use these in my planners, my scrapbook layouts, my kids school projects and tags for gifts. They are tiny enough just to add that lil extra to any project. Oh wait most importantly some of these are dates stamps so those are a must!! I have one that goes back to 1967! I purchased that at an antique fair because it was my husbands birth year. These all hold a special place in my heart as this was my first collection and reminds me of falling in love with memory keeping!    

So as years have passed I am more selective as to which new roller stamps I am adding to my collection. A lot of companies are pretty much using the same phrases and let's face it this madness should stop! HA!  So yeah this is my collection. I usually remove the seasonal stamps and  they have a home with my other seasonal papers. Oh I forgot ... I did this because I wanted to see what my total was. My total is 89!
I'll be back next Wednesday with a new collection of items I would like to share. Follow along I would love to see what you collect! How many do you own!?
You can use #scrapbookersunite on the gram!
Peace, love and pretty paper!!