Monday, January 9, 2017

#ONELITTLEWORD with Ali Edwards

Hey friends! Day 9 into the new year! How y'all feeling!? 
Are we still digging the new year new you vibe?! I hope so! 
As you read in my last post I joined Ali Edwards One Little Word, and well I'm 
beyond excited to start this journey!  I am still so excited to be starting fresh and trying to get back to basics.  I wanted to show you what I was up to yesterday... let's go!

I downloaded this 2017 freebie from Kellie and it fit perfect for my start.

I added the word I chose from New Year's Eve - BE!~

I printed out the class lesson and dove right in! 

Gathered a few of my go to supplies!

Here is my word - no going back!

I really enjoyed printing the cards on beautiful heavy presentation paper. Nothing like a good thick quality cardstock!  

I then printed out a few pictures of myself and some of my favorite items. 
I am actually hoping my great great grandkids will thumb through this in years to come and really get to know me! 

aaand that's it folks... I wanted to just tell you that this project seems really interesting!  

The best part of this class is I get to tell my own story! Thank you Ali Edwards for taking my money!
No just kidding - thank you for thinking of this concept!

Peace, love and pretty paper!
Jossie Posie


  1. are too funny. This seems like an awesome album to do! Good Luck :)

    1. Linda! Ha I had to add that! Praying I stick to the prompts!

  2. Great start! Great Word! I tried it one year and couldn't get past the first month; it was too structured for me... but I wish you luck and continued enjoyment!

    1. Hey Doreen thank you! Yes veery structured but I think I need that to keep me focused otherwise it would be an album full of just pictures of me! Lol

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  5. I told you you've got this girl and I was right because WHOA your album is already looking so awesome! I don't want to sign up for the class because I always fail, but man you sure do make me want to! Love your use of the numbers also! Can't wait to see more of your OLW album.

    1. Kellie! Thanks for stopping by! Thank you so much for your compliments! Im still so excited! I totally took it on like a class project because I had no idea what I was in store for!