Friday, November 17, 2017

Vinyl is your friend! DIY Mug Tutorial

Yay Pumpkin Spice is in for one more month y'all!
So my sweet friend Doreen  asked me to make her a mug last year and I never found an orange mug for her... but I did this year!
This is what she wanted her mug to read.... 

Pretty darn cute right? I have not done a tutorial in years so let's go....

You need your cut vinyl image, a mug and some transfer paper that's it! 

Stick the transfer paper on top of your vinyl image. 

With any credit card or sturdy card rub over your vinyl image. 

Once you have rubbed your transfer paper on to your image the vinyl image with adhere to your transfer paper. See below image....  

Once you place your vinyl and transfer paper on top of  your cup get your credit card and repeat rubbing over the vinyl image. 

Gently peel your transfer paper off your mug and wa- la! You have now made an awesome cup!
I would love for you to tag me if you venture in making a cup of your own! 

NOW... I get so many questions on this I thought I would include this to my post. 

I made this mug in November of 2014 for a friend and I.

Here's how it looks 3 years later...  

My name came off about a year later and I was ok with that...
Now mind you I use this mug as a travel mug  weekly - it gets a lot of use!
I even place it in the microwave for thirty seconds and you are NEVER supposed to place vinyl in microwave . Some how this kitty has just hung on....

SO here is my TIP: The bigger your vinyl image or letter is the better it's chances of staying on your cup are longer.  If your font is really tiny then you have to be super careful when you wash it so it doesn't come off.  

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions. As soon as I have a proper set up I will make a you tube video so be on the look out!

Jossie Posie  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Friendsgiving! Grab your besties!

Happy Friendsgiving!

Yesterday I had the best time getting together with my very close friends. 
We bring goodies to share and it turns out being the best medicine a girl needs!
These girls get my craziness over pretty paper!
Come take a look at all the fun we had! 
These cupcakes were to die for! Thank you Linda!

This is us in all our silly glory!

I am usually in charge of drinks so when I found these mugs at Franchesca's I knew we had to have them! 

This stuffing by Liz was so yummy!

My lil crafty gift for my girlfriends. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Happy Friendsgiving!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October's Past...

Halloween Parties... every year for the last 7 years I have thrown a Halloween Party for my family. EXCEPT last year we were remodeling and it didn't work out. SO this year I have to go BIG!
So today's post I am doing a little recap of Halloween 2015. In 2015 every Micheals and JoAnn's sold skeletons. I was convinced I had to have one! Let's visit my October 2015...

OK I took advantage of a 50 percent coupon and this guy was origianlly $75! I loaded him up along with some other goodies and we made our way to the check out. 

Buckled this guy in and we are were off! 

We quickly got him home and made him fresh cotton candy lol
We named him Charles too!

This was his first instagram appearance... 

Of course Lily Cat loved him too- he was such a good babysitter!

And here was his main purpose... greeting our guests at the door for our Halloween Party! 
We dressed up as characters out of the Sonic cartoon. 

Cupcakes for the win

My son and his sweet girlfriend Melissa.

My sister setting up some spooky snacks.

What I love most about Halloween... is that my sisters love dressing up! It always a surprise to see everyone in costume! This is my other sister.  

And one more sister (I have 7 of them)

My niece and nephew.

Spooky Jalepeno Peppers

My hubby and my brother in law.

Last but not least some good ol fashion fun at the party!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me relive my Halloween 2015. 

I promise to post pictures from my Halloween 2017 party!

Do you have a party? What traditions do you do for Halloween? I would love to hear!

Jossie Posie  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We all screamed OCTOBER DAILY!! My October daily set up!

Hey my sweet ghouls! Happy October! Yes one of my favorite months of the year! It so full of fun! I cherish every day. October makes me feel like I can be silly and free like a kid. It's like who cares if I am goofy -it's almost Halloween and that's reason enough to be silly spooky! So yeah same routine as December Daily but your capturing the fun along the way leading to Halloween.

In honor of the coming of the Great Pumpkin I held a October Daily giveaway on my instagram.

So I busted out my box of Halloween goodies and just spread it all over my desk! 
Let me tell you it felt soooooo good. Like I had just won a prize! That plaid album is what I will use this year to document. The orange mug is a project I need to finish for my sweet friend Doreen! If your reading that's yours!

I cleared off just enough space to get my craft on. 
Blew up some balloons and it put me in the spirit! Join me! I'd love to see your album too! 

Happy October!!
I'll be posting hopefully weekly! 
Let the fun times roll....

Here's a video of my October Daily set up- enjoy!



Thursday, August 31, 2017

S'mores & Bonfires!

Hi Friends!
Have you survived summer!?
Let's see it's been pretty busy in my home as it is every summer. Three of my four kids celebrate their birthdays in June and July. So it's birthday after birthday and then throw in my nieces and nephews birthdays too! Wait plus mine is in August too!
WE are on sugar overload! My daughter has a tradition now where every birthday is celebrated with  s'mores and a bonfire. Which is fine by me because I love being at the beach.
Come take a look how easy it is to customize your own s'mores!
So we started with finding images online of celeb singers that she liked.

Printed out the photos.
I used this whole punch that you can find at your local craft store.
Placed the face right in the center and gave it a quick punch!
Used some bakers twine and wa-la!  

I placed these in the fridge overnight because I did not want to take a chance on the chocolate melting!

Here my daughter and her friends enjoy their yearly tradition of celebrating my daughter's birthday!
Our group gets bigger and bigger every year! We now rent a 17 passenger van!

The best part of this awesome trip I love to take pictures and now I have loads to scrapbook!
I love being able to scrapbook because when I work on a page I get to relieve that moment over!
Thanks for stopping by my sweet friends!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Maggie Holmes Carousel Collection

 Hey Friends! Super excited to report I went home on Friday and just dove into this collection!
It's absolutely beautiful! The colors, the papers and the embellies are all so perfect!
I took some photos of my process... The photographer in me wanted to show case the embellishments. So there I am for 30 minutes trying to style this photo...

Once I was pleased with my Instagram worthy picture I just dove in to this collection!
This paper was calling me so it's the first one I used. 
I tried to get fancy and punched out some stars and backed them with a few other papers in the collection. 

Here I broke out my planner and made it pretty!  

Thanks for stopping by! 

I have not made a dent in the product they sent me so heres to more creating with no limits!

It's really fun and makes me feel like being back in high school just cutting pretty paper up!

Peace love and pay-pa!
Jossie Posie 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Back to basics!

Hey friends! Happy Fri-Yay!

I have been in a creative slump lately... not creating, not blogging just watching movie after movie!
It's summer and the kids are off so everyday after work we are just on the go.  I move my lil paper project from the kitchen table to my bed and never get a chance to open it and play. I am in the process of moving all my crafty stuff from my master bedroom to a new spot in my garage. My son and husband painted an area in my garage white with white floors. I'm slowly very slowly trying to get it organized but feeling overwhelmed with so much crafty goodness! This is a good thing but I just need to prioritize my time better!

Ok with that being said I decided I needed to get back to the basics. The basics in health and my overall being. My one little word for this year was BE. So I decided I needed to remind myself off all the good things I want to be.   I am starting off this weekend with being good to myself!

photo taken at work excuse my messy desk!
I am going to dive into this box of goodies that Crate Paper sent me!
I just adore this new line of Maggie Holmes Carousel
Thank you so much Crate Paper!! I promise to use every bit of it!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Punch it out!

Hey babes! I'm here with another collection.
This collection is my hand held hole punch collection.
Look its a pretty rainbow!

These punches here I use for banners and making tags.
I won that huge We R Memory one from my sweet friend Amber from Damasklove.
The other have all been purchased at either JoAnn's or Micheal's craft store.
As you can see they come in all different shape sizes.

I think my fav would have to be the white handled cross it reminds me of a cross stitch.
I like punching something different than just a circle.

Well that's it for today thanks for stopping by!
Ha! Don't worry I have a few more  collections to go before I can actually start crafting!

Peace, Love and pay-pa!