Friday, August 5, 2016

Pink Typewriter - Say Wha!? Yasss!

Happy Friday Y'all!!
Look what my sweet friend Linda found! A NEW pink typewriter for sale!!
Yes people this is real and new!! I couldn't believe my eyes! Look at this beauty!

This right here is like everything! 

Ok so this what I found on Michael's website...

You ready for the price!? 

Yes- YALL - 2HUN!!! Ouch right!? 
Ok so I went to my nearest Michael's and yes they had one! 
I walked in like a boss! I'm like I have a 50% coupon right here ... Well wouldn't ya know it 
I'm so sorry folks the good people at Mike's added this to the famous exclusion list!!!
I know I cried all the way out. 
So yeah I guess I have no choice but to use my old faithful.... My Bubblegum Pink typewriter. 
I bought it years ago off eBay and the keys do get stuck but maybe some WD-40 might help! 

On that note let's continue to drool together on this typewriter from We R Memory Keepers…

Jossie Posie


  1. It is so beautiful! I wish I had endless funds to buy it :)

  2. I didn't realize typewriters still existed, LOL! What do you use yours for?