Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kenye West Pop Up Shop SF- Yezzy Yezzy!

Yo! Hey! We just left the Yeezy pop up in SF and let's just say it did not disappoint! 
My daughter and now me :) are major Kenye fans and we had to go check it out. I took a few pictures so you could experience it with us - let's go! 
Hers the line ... Total time in line was 45 minutes. The poor people behind us did not make it in! 

When you walked in they hand you a sheet and you mark exactly what you want. They allow three people in the line to enter as three leave. 

Here we are in front of the stores backdrop. 

And here's our girl with her $75 tee!! Yes you read right this merchandise was expensive. When we left my daughter said she wanted to marry it! Lol 

To see this  face right here smiling and so  happy was worth it! 

Jossie :) 


  1. ah how sweet...definitely worth the smiles :D

  2. She's beautiful and looks so happy... but Kanye?! No, just no! LOL!