Friday, July 29, 2016

King Kylie and Pro World got me like...

What Up!? Today I am sharing a tutorial on how I made this tee for my daughter. She is a lil obsessed with Kylie Jenner and her Lip Kits! Her lip kits launched not too long ago and I swear I waited to buy and every time I tried they sold out in minutes!! So after three months of trying I finally got through and bought two for her! The things we do for our kids!  This tee was an experiment.  I won this heat press on Instagram from  Amy aka Amy Tangerine  and Pro World Inc. few months back and let me just say YEAH this press is DA BOMB! Here we go...

I purchased transfer paper off amazon and printed a picture off the internet. Wa- La... here's how it came out!

Pretty awesome right!!!? So worth it after I saw my daughter's face! 
I wish I could show you some fancy set up but this machine is housed right in my garage away from the little's in the house. So here'e what the set up looked like...  

I printed this image on transfer paper and followed the instructions on heat and time. 

Pretty awesome how this heat press can basically not only press vinyl iron on but can also press an image off the internet! It's like magic! So easy it was unbelievable! 

So yeah check out my friends at Pro World Inc.   and see how this simple machine can bring so much fun! I had all three of my older kids watching as the magic happened. 

I also made this tee for my son's girlfriend... she's a Harry Potter fan! 

I am so excited to create so many more fun tees! In fact I just purchased a coffee mug heat press. Now to get my hands on a sublimation printer and I'll be rollin! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Jossie Posie

*I was not paid for this post just sharing my own little feelings here y'all :) 


  1. cute!!! So I am not a Kardashian fan, but when I seen the black lip gloss and the outcome on some of the "real" people, I wanted to buy it to have everyone at work try it...but fortunately for them it was sold out haha.

    I do wish I could pull off Skylie because that is just a cute name for lipgloss...still NOT a fan though :D

    So awesome your daughter and son's GF love their shirts :D

    1. Thanks Linda!! I need to have a screen print party with you girls!

      about the lipsticks well that skylie name does sound cute!!!

  2. This is so cool! Great job Jossie!

    1. Stephanie! Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by!

  3. Although I am not a fan of Kylie, I think it's awesome that you were able to make a shirt for your daughter w/ her (Kylie's) image on it... instead of having to buy one! The machine is going to save you money and it will provide you w/ endless possibilities! So very cool!