Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Locks by Ashley from Flourish Hair Studio

Hey Friends... this is a totally non crafty post but I thought I would share because I am so happy with my locks! About a year ago I had a hair emergency! I mean like a bad bad dye job. I have always done my own hair with kits from Target because you know I DIY everything! Well this one day I decided I was going to let JCP salon dye my hair. Wrongo!
This is my hair now and I am finally at HAIR PEACE!

If you are in my area the babe who worked on my hair is Ashley from Flourish Hair Studio in San Ramon
snapped this as soon as I left the salon.


Ashley is awesome! She is so good at what she does. I swear we talk nonstop and have so much fun when I am there!

The before I will let the pictures speak fro themselves...
Photos on the Left are the bad dye job and the photo on the Right is what Ashley fixed. These pictures are from a year ago and I have continued to go lighter each time to achieve the look I have now.   

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my nightmare with you! ha!


  1. Bayalage, right? That's funny that we both decided to go blonde... although you started way before me! I kinda wish I had started earlier so I could be blonde for summer... I didn't realize how long the process took when doing it the healthy way! Anyway the blonde is beautiful on you!! (I liked the "red" too though...)
    Also I'm jealous because your hair is so pretty... It's so thick and lustrous! My hair is very thin...

    1. Doreen thank you! Yes it's been forever to get me this light and now im thinking I want to go back to my dark natural color! ahhh I'm never satisfied! I think your hair looks very pretty and I love the length!