Monday, May 23, 2016

JapanLa! Take a tour with me!

Hey! Hello from JapanLA! The cutest store ever!  Let's Go!
Look... Hello Kitty wonderland!

Major Kawaii! Look to the left ... I want to bring home about 5 of those pajamas! 

Let's talk about this panda head- how adorbs right!? 

The whole store was just so cute! 

Oh this care bear top was just too cute!

This was just half the apparel they sold. They also sell men shirts as well. 

How cute are the employees! So friendly and helpful! 

Here is a look from the outside - I hated to leave! 

Sad to say but this lil baby is the only thing that came home with me! 

Thanks for stoping by! This store is a must to see if you are visiting LA!