Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#Plan: Get your fitness on with MAMBI

Hey Hi! So I have been MIA trying to get my fitness on!
With that I am here to show you yes- my NEW planner! lol
I know you are probably thinking another damn planner :)

hahaha yessss! #buyalltheplanners

This one is different! My sweet friend Teresa gifted me this planner. I was searching high and low but the original fitness planner was only being sold on ebay for $100! Yeah pretty crazy right! lets take a look at her ...   

So here are the covers and what I la la love about this planner is you can change them! I see some DIY covers coming along soon!
In this second picture you will see the heart of this planner.  

Look at these rings... I was really unsure about the whole MAMBI planner because I had no clue how   it worked.

The planner kit also comes with lots of date / month stickers to fill up your planner.

Those cute rings... here they go! So so easy to just connect everything. It's like a puzzle! So easy and fast!

Look at this beauty!

Here is the inside, it is blank and just waiting for you to fill everything in.  

Loving the food/ exercise log. I really need to be held accountable and I am just 
hoping to stay more on track using this planner.  

Oh ok... check this out. Who doesn't like a quick selfie!!?

Each divider has an awesome quote.

Lastly this awesome pen holder is bomb. I love that I won't have to search for a pen.  

Ok peeps, that's it for today. I can't wait to get started. Once I move in and get my dates down I will be sure to follow up with a blogpost.  Maybe I can combine my love for pretty paper and excersize somehow.    

Oh don't go yet!>>> get your extension pack here: MAMBI Fitness Extension Pack



  1. Can't wait to see what you do with it :D

  2. Super cute planner! I need to focus on my fitness instead of all the food I'm loving! Good luck : )

    1. Thank you Renee! I'm going to need a lot of luck! Lol

  3. Hope it works out for you, Jossie! Good luck!;)