Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DIY Christmas Cocoa Station

Hi friends! Happy Christmas eve EVE!
Today I am sharing my cute DIY cocoa station with you...
I started off buying these mugs at flea markets, thrift stores and then found some on eBay. I started shoppin in October, I know - it's crazy but if you want cheap it's always best to buy when it's not in season. I got some of theses mugs as low as 2.75! The most I paid for one with shipping was 9. The tray I had was from Ikea for a whopping 2.75. Once I brought this tray out my son's face was so excited! This is sure to be a hit with my big kids too! I can't wait for Christmas morning!
As I was on my hunt I found ceramic figures and Santa's boot.

Look how adorable this face!

This mug here is actually a  Josef Original I had no idea these were collectables! Score!

I even found this candle for a $1!


Here is a up close picture of this Santa I brought home.

I stuffed Santa's boot with candy canes

along with some candy cane spoons for stirring.

I even purchased some to give away as gifts for my sweet friends.

I was lucky to find this Vintage Santa that has a drawstring, when you pull it plays "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

last but not least... I leave you my sweet grandbaby admiring my $12 vintage Santa.
I will have to confess with you... I'm a lil addicted to Santa's sweet lil face!  
Friends! I wish you a wonderful Christmas and may God bless you with love!

p.s links to some cups that look vintage - hey maybe you can purchase them at 60% off after Christmas sales!
Pottery Barn

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