Thursday, September 10, 2015

Law of Attraction...

I started my lil ol blog in September of 2012. The Company Cricut loved the projects I was making and told me to let them know when I had a blog. I didn't need to be told twice! I started this blog!

I became a blogger affiliate soon after. No I never made any money on this blog,  it was just a place to share my love of crafts and DIY. I was very new to the blogging scene and pretty much had no idea what I was doing.  

Ok so where does the law of attraction come in... well it comes in because so far everything I have dreamed of is coming true. 

I wanted to make crafts and teach crafts- pretty much did that via Instagram and this blog.
I wanted to be in business and have an online shop- Jossie Posie was born
I wanted to make my own clothing and low and behold here are my Tees.
I wanted to learn calligraphy and I have taken three classes already.
I wanted to learn to sew and I bought a sewing machine.

Do you see my pattern here... I am attracting these things because I am making moves to get me where I want to be.

I have always dreamed of going to a blogger conference. These conferences can come with a price tag close to 800 hundred.  MMM... no I just can't see myself paying that when I could put 800 into my business. 

Here's the good part I was invited to attend this creative conference called Re:make that is put on by Brit Morin who is the founder of Brit & co - I was also selected to be in a selective group of bloggers to have to lunch with her! They say she is Silicon Valley Martha Stewart. Yeah pretty Rad right!? In 2013 she raised 6.3 million for her company. What a #girlboss!

Me little ol me! I am super excited and I just want to sit there and soak it all in! The agenda seems packed with a great line up! I will even get to see my main girl crush Founder & CCO of  JEN GOTCH . Yes, this seems all pretty crazy to me. I am still in shock. I would love to grow my business and be able to provide products to the planner and scrapbook community. I just want to create. I have tons of ideas in my head that need to be let out!  

My name is Jossie and I'm what you call a #paperchaser


What is a #paperchaser you ask? A girl who only see's pretty paper...

Peace, Love and Pay-Puh!


  1. You go get it girl!! Have fun--can't wait to hear all about it :D

    1. Thank you linda! I promise to share everything I learn :)

  2. Congrats on reaching your goals! #girlboss

  3. Good for you, Jossie! You've got so much passion, drive, and positivity! Keep on doing you, girl, and you'll keep on making those dreams a reality!

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