Friday, September 4, 2015

December Daily with Ashley G. -Woop Woop!

Ok I am so super excited right now... when am I not!?
It's September 3rd and the scrapbooking community is like "December Daily!"

What is December daily you ask..... oh it's a bunch of crafty girls who go ga ga over Christmas Scrapbook kits in September! Ha! Now aren't you glad you found out?

Ok ok I kid a little - check instagram if you don't believe - all crafty women go mad. 
I even told the founder  Ali Edwards's  that I loved her!

Yeah- pretty strong words right?

So Last years kit was 99! Pretty high right? I decided this year I was only going to limit myself to one kit. You know I had to go with my girl Ashley Goldberg oh and she included a phrase stamp! You know I'm cu cu for coco puffs!

Feast your eyes on this... This is what I got for a whopping $19.99!
 Acrylic ink, a roller phrase stamp and a stamp pad! Yeah baby! I feel like it's definitely Christmas in September!
I love black and white as the main colors. I am hoping to supplement this kit with some of last years Christmas stuff from my own stash.
and there is that phrase stamp! YES YES YES - as my sweet friend Liz said "come to mama!"

So did I convert you into a DD girl over one post? How do you document Christmas if you don't participate in December Daily? I'd love to hear.

I can't wait for December and can't wait to get my hands on this good stuff!

peace, love and pretty paper!

-Jossie Possie 


  1. you are too hilarious! It will be like Christmas when the boxes get delivered! :D Can't wait!!!

    1. You will be getting the biggest box you lucky!! Christmas here we come! Ho ho ho!