Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Calligraphy class with Nickki from Amore Paper and Ink

Hi Friends! I had the opportunity to take another calligraphy class. You see... I have fallen in love with pretty writing. I want to write pretty! In fact thats really all I think about. I want to make pretty things with my own hands. I love looking at pretty writing and well I can pretty much spark up a conversation about pens or pretty paper to who ever will listen to me. 

Thanks for coming by... let me fill you in on what I have learned so far... 

This beautiful set up greeted me. I was so excited!  

The wonderful human being that instructed me was Nickki from Amore Paper and Ink
She was so down to earth and so hands on with everyone in the class. I took two other classes before so I had plenty of questions that needed answers. Nickki was that girl. She was sweet,  patient and kind. Here she is... 

We started off learning about the nib and it's care. We then went on to learning the strokes and ended up with the alphabet. 

The paper presented to us in class was the Luxe edition from Papersource. It was beautiful and thick. This class was amazing. If you ever thought of giving it a try - do it! It's so fun!

The nib we started off was with a Nikko G. It's a great beginner's nib. It glides on the paper.  

Here you can see my light box in action... I bought this lightbox at JoAnn's it was a steal once I used my 40% off coupon.  I used the template I was given from class and traced the alphabet. 
To learn a new script one must rewrite it and feel it then recreate it. 

Here is a close up of my light box. If you can see I then went on in practicing my lower case a's. 
I have decided that I want to learn Copperplate Calligraphy Copperplate calligraphy was used on the Declaration of Independence. Now Modern Calligraphy is very beautiful too but I want to learn writing that will never age. 

So what do you need to get started you ask? 

A nib   Nikko G. $1.55
Tracing template Copperplate template (free)

that's it... these are all pretty basic brands but there are lots more higher end inks, papers and nib holders but these are the basics as you get a feel for calligraphy. Keep in mind use your JoAnn and Michael's coupons to cut corners. 

Taking a class does help but you can manage on your own. 

*some basics notes... it's ok to lift your nib as you write
-dip your nib in water if you stop writing after two minutes
-thin strokes going up and thick strokes as you come down with your nib
this is not a race - go slow!

No if you are like me, I learn better by watching a live demo.... then here are some up coming classes with this awesome girl...  

September 5th Workshop ~ Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy

  • Paper Source334 Santana RowSan Jose, CA, 95128United States 

October 3rd Workshop ~ Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy


    • Paper Source334 Santana RowSan Jose, CA, 95128United States 

    You can call Papersource @ 
    Santana Row, 334 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128
    (408) 241-9000

    I know this post is long, but wanted to leave you with this picture. My writing is improving. Not at a fast rate as I would like but I'm seeing some results. 

    peace love and pink!



    1. that is awesome! I have no patience to write slow ha ha...

      1. Linda I promise you will love it!! I'm dyin to put a nin in your hand!!

    2. awesome!!! nickki is a WONDERFUL person and teacher!!!

      1. Joi! You are right! I am so happy I got to take her class!